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As a t3 5* vanguard noob of appalling proportions, I approve of stuff that I probably shouldn't approve of.

Aveond posing for the camera.

Who is he?

  • A holy Templar, forged in the blood and nerve endings of Trojans and legions of Undead.
  • Runs a giveaway where every 4-8 days, 2 people win either a 2* item or a 3* item.
  • A veteran of the Millenium Knights guild.
  • 'That one annoying guy who always gives away stuff. AUGUAGHAHAAFG, why can't he just sell all of it!??!!?' ~ An angry guy who wanted Aveond's things.


//Working on it//


  • All of them.
  • Made Papaya Weapons User:Aveond/Papatech_Alchemer
  • Haven't done a Shadow Lair yet.
  • Has terrible items that most people don't count as a weapon but use anyway :D
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