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Bikwin is some dude who plays this game a lot but never actually progresses in it. He also really likes video games.
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Backstory thing I guess?

ONE DAY, gay Bikwin said "herp de derp I am so fabulous" and he was doing whatever he normally did back in April of '11. BUT THEN, on a certain forum, some guy didn't kick him in the junk and instead showed the forum a game known as "Spiral Knights". Knowing absolutely nothing about it, Bik/Pik/whatever signed up instantly, as well as some other members of the forum. He then found it to be actually fun for some reason. Knowing this, he and the forum eventually founded the greatest guild ever and continued to grind on this game for the rest of their days.

Pik played for a while, and he found the game pretty fun, getting tier 2 access after everyone else due to his slow-paced nature. He didn't quite understand the full mechanics of the game, but he realized it was mostly "get money, craft items" that would lead him to victory. Unfortunately, due to a certain update, energy costs for crafting were ramped up to ridiculous amounts and a lot of his fellow guildies left. However Pik continued to stay, grinding up money very slowly while eventually getting to tier 3, once again after everyone else in his guild already had.

Unforunately, when the update for PvP rolled in... Nothing really bad happened, and there were a lot of new items too so everyone was happy. However, a critical moment happened in Bik's Spiral Knights "career". When playing a guild match against a guild he doesn't remember, the bribe showed the greatest hat ever and naturally, everyone flipped out over it. However, both teams were sensible and decided to simply wait until they both got the mask. This happened before the patch was released that punished players for not doing anything in PvP games. As a result, Pik and his three other teammates obtained this mask. Two of them submitted their masks to capitalism, while he and another fellow guildmate kept theirs. Pik now has a really awesome mask that strangers occasionally notice from time to time and he feels kind of awesome about it because it's like the only thing he's done in this game that's somewhat unique.

Current day thing I guess?

On September 10th, Pik finally beat Vanaduck after taking way too long to do so. Ever since then he plays Spiral Knights occasionally, but not as much as he used to. He is still also poor all the time, almost always having his crown count less than 10k due to the awful energy economy.

As of now Pik uses a split Bombastic/Volcanic Demo set, but he realizes that the Bombastic helm was kind of a stupid idea and he's considering making a new hat with a different kind of defense split. He also really likes how the Royal Jelly Set looks, but piercing defense isn't really all that useful to him.

For weapons, Bik prefers to use at least one of each weapon for his loadout. The current swords he uses are the Acheron and Dark Thorn Blade, which have both replaced the incredibly crappy Arc Razor. For bombs he usually uses the vaporizer lines, notably the Shivermist Buster and the Fiery Atomizer, which he still hasn't upgraded for some reason. Pik isn't that big of a fan of guns since he's too lazy to buy slot upgrades all the time, but the gun he currently uses is the Blight Needle. As you can see, he doesn't upgrade weapons to 5 star very often because he really sucks at progressing, as mentioned above.

Wiki Contributions

All that Bik has ever really done was add an image of a Shocking Howlitzer to the wiki. The image was then replaced with a different image of a shocking howlitzer with no targeting icon on it, but there's a remedy in the background and that's kind of annoying. Of course, he also created his own userpage, which no one will really read except for a few HDC members.

External Stuff and Whatnot

One time, Pik recorded a very terrible attempt at his guild fighting the Roarmulus Twins. It took twelve minutes and at least half of the time had them being very confused. He has also made a tribute Gmod video of a realistic simulator of what's it's like to solo the Royal Jelly. He's still not very sure why the video is actually gaining views on its own.

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