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I have quit the game, but will sometimes comeback to finis more of there.

God, it hasnt even been a damn month.

Lore thesis

Hi, I am here, to well speak about the most overlooked thing in the game, next to endgame Arcade content: lore.

Use the Talk/disgussion page to help me talk about this. I will regularly update this.

NOTE: This is all just Speculation, please don't use this info on mainspace pages


Dead Gold

Based on the Greek Myths of that you need a gold coin to bribe Charon into towing you over the Styx. So.... So, similar things are used with the material, Such as it was placed in hands, not under tongues. Obviously, the coin would exist outside the mortal plane. But it still exists on the Mortal/material plane. But, obviously, Different worlds were collected into Cradle, so not all coins were Crowns. So when a corpse is now a Zombie, it is still in their possession. Thus, non crown currency(in coins) are known as "Dead Gold". At best they would just be used in alchemy or sold(because it's GOLD. Or... gold and tin....)


Brimstone is the alternate name for Sulfur, which would explain its use in Demolition gear. However, it's also used in Angelic gear and Owlite equipment, leading to the possibility that the name "Brimstone" refers to something more meaninful. In Christian mythology, "Fire and Brimstone" was associated with the wrath and divine judgement of God. In Grecian history, brimstone was burnt in order to purify the land and to ward off evil and disease. Brimstone is dropped by devilites, supporting this connection.

Toxic Materials

Many of the items that are come from "poisonous" monsters are claimed instead to be "Toxic" and many of which are acidic, specifically sulfuric acid. Therefore the "poisonous" factors of these monsters is likely attributed to their corrosive nature and passive damage to Spiral Knight's wargear and equipment.


So this Fiendish Attila the Hun is a Trojan sealed in the underworld. He has a fearsome army of a few thousand trojans. So, what is "Ur"?

Obviously, Ur was a Knight/Almarian Humanoid build, considering that Trojans are made of Regret and Despair, and Arkus gives hints. I'll talk about trojans later.

So Ur was a Conqueror, who died before he could rule the known world. This regret caused his transformation. Unlike most trojans, he was a special case, similar to Maulos, so he had a different apperance and was sentience/conscious enough to lead his army. I, currently am not too sure on what happens, he either terrorized Mortal Plane, then was sent to the underworld, or we was warped there. I'm guessing the former. Then he controlled the underworld. I dunno how long, but since Fiends on cradle can't return there, they could only SUMMON them. So either Ur is just chillin' there or is in some kind of stasis/has own land seperate from other parts of the underworld.

Jdavis(Bopp) also mentioned that the word Ur is German for Original or Primeval. This hints that Ur could've been the first trojan to come into existance. If this is true, how others did could be a curse or just less commonplace before Ur.

How Trojan's are Born?

WHen a Knight dies and their soul is so much in despair, for a long amount of time, their soul(and sometimes their corpse)undergoes metamorphosis. They would have their soul crystalise, and it's linked to their baggage, in the form of the statues. They would usually be inert, and has no shard, but when they awaken, they become active. They're usually agressive......Sometimes, the shard could be embeded into the person's own body(Arkus), or that the baggage is in a different form(Maulos/Ur [possibly]).

Arkus could've been like how he is because me may've been not released from his body? Anyhelp?

Apocrea and Raiths

I haven't played it yet, so I have to break my Hiatus. it hurts.

But, it seems that Maskeraith is a relative. Okay, so while being found in a waste plant, Maskeraith's Haunted Gaze mask is a look alike to the Apocrean Harvester as of late.

What gives?

Does this mean that if they were to fully evolve while in the nexus or the Plateau, would they gain a likeness to them?

The Upgrade also causes the soul of the deceased(including mechanical beings, relating to the whole sentience I talked about) to attack people. Soul control just like our friend.

This however doesn't delve into anything new but that Sprites copy all sorts of creatures, including mythological and almost demonic/angelic ones.

Why do Mecha Knights heavily resemble knights?(With a side of why hate knights??)

This used to bother me, and the awnser is obvious, but, I'm just like that. So:

  • The knights only crashed two years ago.
  • Yet, even before you reach missions where Mecha Knights first appear/Arcade levels one you reach haven, the Anchient Generator has several Mecha Knight parts strewn around. How did the Gremlins even get the idea of knight-like creatures if they never saw them until then?

It kinda was obvious. Since Gremlins do CW matinence, they would've encountered the remnants of Almire, or The Ghost in the Machine facility. Their encounter with them could've caused distrust when the Knights crashed, and the abilites the knights used were then adapted into the Mecha Knights.

Quick Thoughts

Brief posts.

Quick Thoughts: Lichens and Meteor Motes

My log in timed out, meaning my lengthier post is shortened. Thanks systems -_-
You know about lichens. Not part of the captured worlds, but crashed down here(lured by Cradle similar to the knights) in Meteors. Now, do you think that the first samples of Meteor Mote could've came from them?

Quicker thoughts: If Playing God is a Sin, then Cradle is hell

It's pretty easy to make life in this game.
Robots can be sentient(We have no ingame proof, ..yet). Could the ones trapped under their programing somehow gain awareness of their surroundings? Only to be slaughtered my a random Lumber Smash, or falling through a Hole, or being in the path of Genocide?
And the Biotoxin made my Herex creating Toxoils. When he realised they gained more intelligence than they should've, he burned them all.
And Speaking of Genocide, due to Biscotti's screw up twice in a row of using Dark Matter, and created life.
Tasty, tasty, corrupted life.
And we kill 'em.
For the same cake hat.
Each year.
I wouldn't be surprised if the knights all died in the crash, and cradle was a representation of hell.

XtweeterX, I could KISS YOU(Snarby and Apocreans)

I was reading the forums, when this came:

They both share similar eye forms.

Now, we also have to consider that in the Journal report on the patch notes, "the Apocrea dream dark machines into being."

Consider the Shadowy form that the Snarbolax has. And despite being killed, the weapons and gear made from it all refer to it being alive.

Considering the rounding up of souls, they could be fueling it to create the obelisks, and Biological creatures.

So, does this mean that the Apocrea created it as some sort of guard dog? Only next time it appears will tell.

Cradle Mechanics

Spiral Astronomy

It's been pondered over how Cradle operates and orbits, and many have queried the logic behind its day-night cycle.
The perpetually sunny establishment of Haven is likely due to the fact that Cradle takes the same amount of time to orbit the system's central star (titled "sun" in the game files, although this might not be its actual name) than it takes the surface of cradle to perform one revolution around its axis. This results in one side of the planet always staying in the sunlight while the other side is always dark. A real-life example of this is Earth's moon's 28 day rotation and orbit around Earth: we always see the same side of the moon.

If the Dark Harvest Festival is assumed to be Cradle's two weeks of "Night", then this can be used as evidence to support the fact that cradle is a natural satellite (moon) of another celestial body (planet) orbiting the central star. Cradle's orbit around the planet would be matched by its surface rotation speed in the opposite direction, and the period of time where the planet comes inbetween cradle and the central star results in a "Cradle Eclipse" and a period of darkness. The fact that it lasts two whole weeks instead of only a few minutes or hours is a result of the difference in size between the orbited planet and Cradle, or the orbit speed of Cradle, both of which require additional research.

Cradle's Systems

The majority of Cradle's interior consists of Gate Shafts, speculated to number in the several hundreds. Most Gate Shafts run the full 36 kilometres from the core to the surface. They are hollow, ~50 metre-thick drive shafts that can support over a hundred cogs, washers, Skydome Trays and Skydome cranes. The elevators in a gate generally run up and down the centre of these shafts.

Each "depth" of Cradle consists of a certain arrangement of segments that are repeated along each Gate Shaft all the way to the core. The depth is built up of two singular, oppositely rotating gears, one at each end, and a lateral pair of cogs that support and rotate the depth's Skydome Tray.

The Skydome Tray has 6 Skydome Chambers orientated in a circle around the centre shaft. It is almost never that all six are filled; there is rarely the resources to to so. "Empty" chambers rarely go unused, usually consist of a mess of gears and clockworks, and are paved with misfit and spare parts to create Clockwork Tunnels.

Above the Skydome Tray is a washer that hosts a Skydome Crane, although it is evident from some shafts that this crane can be detached. The Skydome Crane can be used to move around Skydomes between slots in a Skydome Tray, and possibly even across different Gate Shafts. Skydomes are giant, metal, hollow, spherical constructs roughly 113 metres in diameter and are usually fitted with a simulated day-night cycle and a mass of natural tiles so that wildlife and nature can flourish. Each Skydome has a "handle" on the top for easy Crane lifting.

Clockwork Tunnels

Clockwork Tunnels are the interconnecting levels between various Skydomes. They are used to allow passage between lateral levels, transport power, heat and cold throughout a Skydome Tray, and generally to store Clockworks parts and materials in a useful form. Themed Clockwork Tunnels can have a variety of additional functions:

Power Complex

Cradle is tidal locked towards the sun to maintain a constant input of sunlight on designated areas of the planet. The Power Complexes convert this light and heat into energy that is diverted around the clockworks to operate a large variety of machinery, including defensive systems, elevators, Skydome Cranes, lights and whatever mayhem-causing devices the Gremlins plug into the wall. These levels themselves can be very hazardous, due to the Gremlins' bad habit of leaving live wiring exposed, and despite the Spiral Order's Gel Carapace Armor system, the sheer amount of electricity passing through these wires is enough to send an ungrounded Knight's armor haywire for up to 10 seconds.

Cooling Chamber

Cooling chambers pump compressed gas throughout the clockworks and are critical for maintaining a stable temperature, especially around areas with multiple Blast Furnaces. Without the Cooling Chambers, the combined heat from the constant daylight and the mechanical movement of the clockworks would cause Cradle to overheat, causing damage to the metal infrastructure. Cooling Chambers are often deactivated when they are rotating underneath the night side of cradle and sometimes during winter to prevent the metal from becoming too brittle. If parts are required for other clockworks contraptions, deactivated Cooling Chambers are a good choice as a shaft can stay in the dark for as long as 50 weeks.

Blast Furnace

Even with the immense amount of energy being converted from Cradle's sun, moving the Clockwork's hundreds of shafts and thousands of gears and Skydomes is a titanic task. Functioning as the engines of Cradle, Blast Furnaces oxidise various fossil-fuels that are gathered and stored in bio-fuel reserves.


The Blast Furnaces produce a large amount of bi-products. Wasteworks are used to remove said bi-products and filter them down into various elements and compounds. Some of these bi-products can then be fed back into the bio-domes, the flora of which is specifically bio-engineered to photosynthesise the waste products. Left-over chemicals are taken and used to build weapons, acids, glues, and various other strange substances the Gremlins require.

Jigsaw Valley & Aurora Isles

These two levels have possibly existed since the birth of Cradle, and serves as the source of the fossil fuel required to power the engines of Cradle. It is in these two Skydomes that the Twisted Leaf grows the most rapidly.

The Twisted Leaf is the predominate species of tree on Cradle, due to its enduring nature and ability to adapt to the harsh environments of Cradle. It's likely that this tree is used to filter out the toxins from the bi-products of Blast Furnaces and are grown in large numbers to serve as a renewable fuel.


Compounds function similarly to their Clockworks Tunnels counterpart. They have many of the same systems, but the combination of the machinery of a Clockworks Tunnel floor with the biological ecosystem of a natural floor allows Compounds to continue to operate without needing resources transported constantly to and from the premises. These levels have the added benefit of a larger array of defending monsters, but the reduced industrial size and greater versatility of the level means that Compounds do not output as much resource as a Clockworks Tunnel of the same theme and size. Therefore they are only built when an area does not need a large amount of resources, is cut off from adequate natural levels, or when there is a lack of clockworks parts to construct a full Skydome or Construct Tunnel.

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