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Hi, there. About me: my forum name is Havenihaveaproblem and my knight name is Beast-All-Day. I have a tendency to miss small details, although I am actually a detail-oriented person, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of repeat edits after I make a change. I'm sorry for the editing spam - believe me, I'd change that if it were easily done!

I've begun some work on testing shock and fire status effects, but I need to do more, although I have frequent interruptions in life (mostly school) that keep me from playing or monitoring the internet. As for the Wiki site, I am mostly interested in clarity (ex. fixing typos) and improving guides for new players. I have been playing since mid/late June 2012 and much of the information I have learned has been by pure chance, when I stumbled upon some thread or page rife with experimental results or anecdotal facts given by veteran players. In my opinion, the search engine for both the Wiki and the forums is mostly crap, so I think it is important to provide direct links to these elusive resources in hubs where readers can expect to find them, such as guides. I have already added three links to the swordmaster's guide to this end.

Since I am a new player, I can't contribute advice like a veteran player. If I somehow overstep my bounds, I assure you it was not intentional. Please don't hesitate to inform me when I do transgress.

Oh, and I am currently at 4 star equipment, and I intend to become a hybrid swordmaster because I love the fast pace and quick thinking of swordplay, and I love to be able to carry games, for which I require a hybrid loadout. My ultimate goal is to one day be able to solo anything in the game. I also suspect I could appreciate a more leisurely tactical role, for which I imagine a bomber to be very conducive to, so maybe I will one day make a bomber load out as well. I am a F2P player, so progress is slow.

I am frustrated by a lot of issues in the game that I think have very logical and conceptually simple solutions, I believe that balance is important to sustaining the game, I love discussing balance, new ideas, and gameplay; and I am a supporter of positive collaboration between players. I am easily upset by forumers, especially veterans, who ascribe to the ubiquitous internet mentality of going out of your way to disrespect others, in particular inoffensive newbies (but not offensive ones!). Likewise, I reserve tremendous respect for those veterans who are helpful, patient, and polite; or who have done good research. I love math and science (I study chemistry). I also talk - or type, as it were - a lot. I have difficulty keeping myself from getting distracted by details, so my posts tend to run pretty long.

Thanks for stopping by! :) Since the game is international, I'll also mention I speak German and halfway Spanish.

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