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Current Guild: Dies Irae (Guild)

This is an alternate account for Knight Skepticraven (due to Steam being unable to edit wiki).


I've been conducting various research efforts including:

  • Treasure Box Drop Rates[1]
  • Forging Game Mechanic[2]
  • 4 Boss Token "Theory" Testing[3]
  • Shield and Armor Game Mechanic[4]
  • Weapon Damage Mechanics[5]
  • Grinchlin Assault Droprates

Treasure Box Analysis

Research Status: Completed. Not taking any more data, but I am willing to share the analysis files if others wish to continue. Simply visit the recent data and make a copy to edit yourself.
Participation: Not taking submissions at the moment. Discussions and analysis in thread encouraged.
Most Recent Data: Current [6]
Research Conclusions:

  • Red and green treasure boxes have different drop rates.
  • Rarities are a "bonus" drop applied to treasure boxes.
  • Red treasure boxes have a significantly higher chance of dropping fire crystals and other rarities (Refer to recent data).
  • Data also holds arcade farming data (inclusive of crown payout per depth). Check out sheets on the data for more info!
  • Depending on the spawn location of boxes, boxes can be 100% red, 100% green, or [1/30 chance of red, 29/30 chance of green].

Forging Game Mechanic

Research Status: Active by submission only.
Participation: Follow Thread Directions[7] and submit here[8]
Most Recent Data: Current[9]
Research Conclusions:

  • Bonus chance seems independent of item level, but heavily dependent upon star count as well as crystal multiplier.
  • Refer to data for 25% heat and double levelup chances.
  • Forge Prize box is estimated at 1% chance or less.
  • It is possible to get 25% heat, double levelup, and a forge prize box on the same forging.

4 Boss Token Drop

Research Status: Inactive.
Participation: Submit new theories to test in main thread.
Most Recent Data: Dec 5, 2013[10]
Research Conclusions:

  • Theories tested:
    1. Speed of killing boss (Disproved)
    2. Not getting hit during boss (Disproved)
    3. Speed run of the levels prior (Disproved)
    4. Longer boss fight (Unlikely, but not disproved)
    5. Take quite a bit of damage during boss fight (Unlikely, but not disproved)
    6. Run takes a specific quantity of time (Disproved)
    7. Run match specific patterns for server time (Disproved)
  • Interesting Observations:
    1. If one member gets the "Bonus Token" in a party, everyone does.
    2. Baseline tokens are added to loot if you join during a run. This is tied to taking elevators going TO the boss depth, and the 2 depths prior. For Non-Vanaduke mission runs, this includes using the party lobby elevator.

Damage Analysis

Research Status: Inactive. May at some point pick this back up.
Participation: Ask in thread if you wish to support.
Most Recent Data: Armor and monster damage [11] Weapon Damage [12] Proto Sword Heating Curve [13] Proto Gun Heating Curve [14] More Links to other Weapons in the thread: [15]
Research Conclusions:

  • No equations for predictions yet. Data is still insufficient for a better model than the current (Defense).
  • Another user in my thread displayed a currently irrefutable Damage+Armor calculation equation. That can be found here: [16]
  • Heating curves can be viewed in compact form Here.
  • Damage resistances appear to be the same between shields and armor.
  • Proto sword follows the same pattern as shields : raw damage stops increasing at depth 3, with a depth increase multiplier of 5/24.
  • Unheated items have a "current damage", which is applied prior to damage reduction for usage in lower tiers. Example: A lvl 1 5* weapon will deal the same damage as a lvl 10 5* weapon in T1 and T2 areas.
  • Shield HP scales with depth.
    1. All shield (except the omega shell line) have the same hp for stratum 1.
    2. Shield HP values except Omega shell line can be predicted with the chart below.
Depth 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30
HP 50 70 91 112 133 154 175 - 200 228 256 284 312 340 368 396 425 475 525 575 625 675 725 750 775 800 825 850 900
  • This is part of a larger project to auto-generate the wiki damage tables for all conditions for all weapons with minimum data collection from in-game.
    • An example of how this functions can be seen in its preliminary stages Here.

Grinchlin Assault Drop Rates

Spreadsheet of Data: [17]
Krakob's old thread: [18]
Participation: None. It appears that Krakob's data suffered from a submission bias, so I just collect this data. Feel free to copy the spreadsheet and add your own data (since the functions auto-update based on the "Data" sheet).

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