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Guild: The Jempire
Style: Swordmaster
Pet: Drakon


I started playing in April 2012. Since that I spent more than 2500 hours by having fun and meeting with nice people all around the world. I found my style and started playing mainly sword only. There are two exceptions when I bring a gun. At vanaduke I support my party by bring my blitz, but I'm able to solo him with only my spikey btb. At lockdown I try helping my team by bring my sentenza to get rid of bombers.

I'm a Vanguard with more than 60.000 prestige points. I've unlocked all achievements and I have been at all the SL, but I've only soloed rapid snars and IQ because of the high price of SL keys. I can solo all arcades, missions and danger missions sword only and I hope one day I will be able to defeat darkfire vanaduke in sword only too. My drakon called Fire-Fright and he is a cute beard drakon with awesome wings. (Yes, he should shave but he doesn't wanna.)

I'm a Jempire member since Augustus 2012. My previous guilds are Kingz Of War and Advent Children. I feel that I found my place finally with nice and active players. I hope that my skill and experience will improve in lockdown. My boyfriend, Bodnaar is a crazy Aeons member who he is totally obsessed by his big beasty bombs but he is shooting sometimes too. I like spinning with him around the haven and shouting crazy stuffs so please don't be wondered. :D

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