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Howdies! And welcome to this corner of the wiki, though I'm not sure why you're here O.o?

This is Dwyn from both Whirled and Bang!Howdy, labrattish just about everywhere else.




To Do

  • learn to be less verbose about what I want to do. And to just do it...or wait. Does Nike still own that?

  • Recipes
    • Continue to be flat broke by buying every single recipe I can find.
    • Make sure to keep the recipes I have and the corresponding wiki pages updated if the recipes every change again.

  • Personal ingame goals
    • Learn to use and be happy with a fast blade...I currently like slow super damage things and guns...which is not particularly a great idea for all situations.
    • Buy and use bombs, even if in other games I've hated them.
    • Continue to confuse people by not remembering to use /tell or by randomly disappearing around a corner, changing costumes, and coming back.
    • Die less.
  • Other
    • More fanartttttttttttt
    • wibble
    • learn to multitask sleeping, researching (working), and playing Spiral Knights at the same time.
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