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zoooooooom.....yeah thats basically me.

But, no. I started Spiral Knights in one of it's first preview event (09), and couldn't get enough. i then fell into the Spiral Gods Alliance in that preview, and have been with them ever since. Spiral Gods Alliance (Guild)

Yes I am a bomber.... I have been for a while, and so i can virtually do nothing with a gun or a sword in my hand. check out my bomber thread.... saves me putting it all here. [1]

I also have been known to run a series of competitions Fallout's Wasteland Survival Challenge and an Art competition held in the last preview build

Bombing Guide(just linking from here before moved somewhere else.

Fallout's list of stuff to do

Bombing Guide+ Bomb stuff

Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Anyways;

  • Finish LD section
  • read over for any first person stuff, change it.
  • make the guide look nice and perdy

Fallout's Page

Actually add some content xD

SGA page

Fix up parts, add in old screen shots.


Preview event info for rockdawg

  • SGA forums [done]
  • SGA unofficial wiki (permission) [done]
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