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Older than the Internet itself.
Account Name: GulliverBFG
Time Zone: USA MST (UTC -7) or MDT (UTC-6)
Favorite weapon: Usually guns, but varies
Favorite role: Usually gunner, but I play mixed style when necessary.
Guild: Precious Light
In Game Goals Meet new people, have fun, serve my guild, beat Vana solo someday, complete Operation Crimson Hammer
:: Finding Me
  • My ingame name In Spiral Knights is GulliverBFG.
  • I am older than the Internet, and have been playing games online longer than most of you have been alive.
  • I play at different times, but most days between 6PM-Midnight in Mountain Time. Sometimes earlier, more often later.

SK quote by GulliverBFG

  • "All beggars are newbies, but not all newbies are beggars." -- GulliverBFG
  • "I do not judge other people by how strong they are. I judge them by their character." -- GulliverBFG
  • "An error, does not become a mistake, until you fail to correct it." -- Source unknown
  • "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." -- Source unknown


I started playing Spiral Knights on July 31, 2011. I have many hundreds of hours in game and I play regularly. GulliverBFG is my first knight to reach Rescue Camp, and them cross the Chasm to Haven about a half hour later. I have learned to play more slowly since then.

I played solo for most of the year, soling everything up to but not including Vanaduke.

I like helping younger players, when they want to learn. If they just want to waste my time, then I often quietly let them go on their way. I like to learn from other knights as well. For such a simple game, there is a lot to learn about tactics and strategy.

Newbie fun fact

"Newbie, not Noob" The term stems from it origins way back. We would call the new players, New Boys, which truncated to Newbies, which got shortened to Newb. I am not sure when the contemporary players started spelling that Noob, but I am sure it just caught on when more players kept using it that way.

Originally, this was a neutral term applied to a younger or less experienced player. Only later, did some jerks turn it into a slur. Now when I see a player sling it about as an epithet, I know their character and they lose my respect. Name calling is hurtful, even when done in jest.

Think of it this way, we all start out as Newbs, but not everyone is a Noob.

For another take on this fun fact, see Wikipedia for: Newbie

For more information about ways to exhibit behaviors common to good quality gamers online, see "The Core Rules of Netiquette and then check out Spot the Quality Player with these 5 Traits
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