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A Knight who often spends more time in the clockworks than on the surface, Mirrorminx loves challenges, improving his skill, and trying new weapons/strategies. He often finds himself randomly purchasing recipes that look interesting, and then later lacking the crowns to buy the recipes to finish off his 5* gear. Loves trading weapons with people to explore new options.

Also experiences significant lag if he is not careful to take a break to restart his computer once in a while, especially after processor-intensive tasks.

Wiki Interests

Began Wiki Editing: May 11th, 2011

Very familiar with the MediaWiki interface, and is happy to generate links and clean up articles, as well as write them for new content. Keeps seeing incomplete articles and wishing he has the time to fix them.

SpiralKnights Equipment & Recipes:

Interested in selling anything he has extras of (often Avengers) or even better, trading for shiny new toys.



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