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Chatty guy.

Slows down Clockwork runs because he wastes time helping noobs.

How I make the maps

Spiral Knights running in one window, terminal window next to it. Type this into the terminal window:

mkdir -p /tmp/map && cd /tmp/map
while [ 1 ]; do 
  F="map.$(date +%s).png"
  import -window 'Spiral Knights - Mozai' -crop 136x136+877+10 +repage "tmp.$F" \
  && convert -size 136x136 xc:none -fill "tmp.$F" -draw "circle 68,68 68,0" "$F" \
  && rm "tmp.$F" && echo "$F"

Have that run while I'm walking around someplace. When I think I've covered the territory, Ctrl-C stop it, load up The G.I.M.P. and import all the images as layers. As I move them around, I set the layer to 50% opacity so I can look through it to make sure it matches up. Then I erase the dot that represents me on the minimaps, combine the layers, fill in any missing bits and fill the background with a flat blue to remove the rotating-gear background image. The name of the place goes at the top in a white 'Arial Black' font (the *.ttf is already in my ~/.getdown/spiral/rsrc/ui/font/ directory if I didn't already have it installed).

Map Arcade.png Map Moorcraft Manor.png
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