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Joined Game: 09/12/2009
Achievements:  ??/60
Rank: Vanguard
Guild: Schizophrenia
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I enjoy this game and helping new players. I've been a GM or officer in many guilds, but I am currently the owner of Schizophrenia.

I've been playing Spiral Knights since the first alpha test back in 2009. I've stuck around for some reason that I'm not even sure of. I'd like to see the game grow in the future and bounce back from this low point it currently has.

So... my history on SK. I was part of EoS during the guild beta update, and when it was founded right after release. I left for my own pursuits mid-2011 and joined Shadow Ninjas. Did a lot of training new players, ran the clockworks, and realized I liked Haven a bit too much to travel a lot.

From there I took over Schizophrenia when the other 2 founders left in early 2012... and here we are today, give or take being an Officer in Praetorian Khanate and Guild Master in Cydonian Knights. I like Spiral Knights, and it's hard to stay gone for too long.

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Thank you for the stalk, stranger.

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