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Well, on the off-chance any of my old Treasure Vault buddies ever read this (y'all know who you are), I miss you guys. 10/12/19



Greetings to you who have stumbled upon my character page. If you have been directed her by me, congrats on making your way here. If you just found it randomly, HI.

Either way, prepare to have your mind blown by my imagination.



Isis ;3

<*Le gasps* Isis :O

What is this sorcery? ~ Not Dusk

The Core Wars

The Core Wars: The story of the Spiral Order and Clockworks Empire, and their fight against the dark powers that are the Faustians.

Series Summary: [to be writ later]

  • The Core Wars (Current version abandoned, restart planned) - Something dark has begun. The Core has been shut off from the rest of the Clockworks, caged by an unknown power. Almire is under a great siege, undead soldiers pitted against strange and merciless monsters. The Spiral Order has no idea what is going on. As more and more Knights begin to not return from their adventures underground, it becomes obvious that if they want to survive, they must put aside their differences with the Clockworks Lords to battle the growing menace.

On his ship the Equinox, Cronus intercepts a mysterious message being blasted through space. A distress signal of sorts, Cronus slowly works to reveal the true nature of the message. If he succeeds, he may discover the fate of what happened to the legendary crew of the Isoran Space Cruiser decades ago. But not is all that is seems. Other forces are working to figure out where the message came from as well, which could spell doom for the Equinox.

  • Operation Crimson Hammer: Set during the first Core Wars story, this involved the second assault on the Grand Arsenal, and the discovery of the true history of Emberlight. In progress.

Enemies shall be made, alliances shall be forged, and dangerous secrets shall be revealed. For the Core Wars has begun.

  • The Wheels of War

It has been several months since Swarm was defeated, and with the help of both Core and the Gremlin Empire, the Spiral Knights have nearly finished reconstruction on the Skylark. But a strange plague has begun to sweep through the Clockworks, one that bears symptons very similar to those who had been turned into Swarmlings. Has Swarm somehow managed to return from oblivion, or has a dark, new threat emerged on Cradle?

Cronus is still fighting to gain permission from the Isoran Council to journey forth into the Skylark Galaxy, following a distress signal he believes has come from the lost crew of the Skylark. But now is currently a time of great danger; the Vealox have begun to reestablish their claim on the mysterious Darklight Nebula, and the Morai have begun production on something far more potent than their current Typhoon Fire weaponry, rumored to be able to fell entire fleets in one move.

All that was thought to be over is only beginning. A new power has emerged in the world, a new era has begun, and not everyone will live to see it through

  • Faustian Rule

The Clockworks Lords and Spiral Order have been crushed. Completely ruined by the Faustians, any survivors have fled deep into the Clockworks, seeking refuge from the dark powers above. With Lord Vanaduke having finally passed away after the battle with Swarm, and Core mysteriously missing, their only hope lies with Grimalkin, the lone Kat who was not fully mutated during the Great Cataclysm. Speaking of magical tomes and ancient rituals, everyone suspects that Grimalkin has something large up her sleeve, but what?

Having finally gained permission to explore the Skylark Galaxy from Nick, the leader of the Spiral Knights, Cronus and the crew of the Equinox set forth on a perilous journey. Facing danger at every corner from the Morai and their new and improved fleet of ships, it seems that the Equinox's journey will end before it truly begins.

All-out war is no longer avoidable. Those who run will fall. It is only those who stand that may survive.

  • Lords of the Core

The end has come. With the return of the Owlites and the discovery of the Valkyrie, the playing ground has been leveled. The Alpha Squad has also revealed itself, after months of hiding in the shadows with Core, bringing a whole new level of technology into play. Now, the remnants of the Spiral Order and Clockworks Kingdoms must make a final stand against the Faustians, who have begun to threaten new worlds beyond Cradle.

After weeks of hardship, the crew of the Equinox has finally made it to Cradle in one piece. But they soon realize that the whole situation is like absolutely nothing they had been expecting. Now, the whole crew must face a choice. They must either waste all they had been working towards during the past few months and return to Isora, or die.

Doom has arrived. And it has not bothered to knock.

The Span of the Universe

The Span of the Universe: Sequel to The Core Wars series, detailing the intergalactic war between the Spiral Knights, Morai, Vealox, and various other alien civilizations.

Series Summary:

The Faustian threat has finally been neutralized. Peace and prosperity have returned to Cradle. Ancient civilizations and new kingdoms have begun construction, following the lead of Core, Faust, and several others. All is well.

But as the Spiral Knights return to Isora, a few of them choosing to stay on Cradle, reality sets in. There is still another war to be fought, one that they had only temporarily escaped on Cradle. A war that they must now fight, with little time to rest and recover before they do. Many believe that after surviving impossible odds, fighting a second war would be not much of a big deal.

Well, they are wrong.

This is a world beyond Cradle. Beyond the experiences of any other than the true veteran Spiral Knights. Think they knew warfare? Think again. For this is the largest war anyone of them will ever experience, one that crosses the span of the universe.

  • Homecoming

The Equinox and Core have begun their journey home. The Morai fleet has cleared out, driven off by the Vealox during their temporary alliance with the Isorans, and they are able to return to Isora with little trouble. With a hero's return, the entire crews of both cruisers are subjected to a rush of the chaos that comes with being the stuff of legends. But then the Spiral Council ships the rescued Spiral Knights, the so-called Generation of Cradle, all off to fight in the Morai Wars; commanded to fight a war that they do not know of, to kill others they have no grudge against, to die in battles that they do not belong in. All but the oldest know nothing else beyond the life they left behind on Cradle; the planet they were born on, fought for, and died for. With an iron fist, the Council says it is their duty as Isorans to fight, but the Generation of Cradle sees it differently...

Back on Cradle, trouble is still not over. Reports of strange, tall beings being to be submitted to the Spiral Order and Clockworks Kingdoms, creatures that absorb all light. When the first disappearances begin, they are marked as isolated incidents. When the deaths and assassinations begin, both sides point accusing fingers at each other. But when both the Great Colony and Haven and targets of devastating attacks, the peace that thousands died for begins to dissolve. Core does little to stop the growing distrust and anger between the Spiral Knights and Clockworks Kingdoms; but is it because he can't, or because he is not willing to?

Home may not be so sweet after all...

  • The True Meaning of Fear

Rebellion. That is what the Spiral Councils calls the Generation of Cradle's refusal to fight in the Morai Wars against their will. A crackdown against the GoC has begun; those who are caught are killed on the spot for treason. Although the GoC numbers in the tens of thousands, so do the [insert epic/cool sounding name here], who are unrelenting in the hunt; swift, silent, and merciless. The general public is growing restless, torn between support for the government or the GoC. It is the worst possible time for this to happen, as the Morai Wars has stepped up a notch. A new challenger has arrived on the battlefield, armed with weapons and strange technology that only the Vealox have ever seen the likes of. With the Isorans fighting a full-blown intergalactic while a civil war is brewing at the same time, it cannot end well.

The lower half of the Clockworks has been consumed in a sea of nothingness. The grand Trojan legions have been decimated. All four members of the Alpha Squad are dead. More and more people are lost each day. And yet, no one knows what is going on. No one other than Core, that is. Locked up in an ancient Luminarian factory, he spends his time tinkering with machinery, most notably the mysterious Battlepod known as the Big Iron. Telling no one of his plans, Core begins to loose the trust and respect the peoples of Cradle have put into him.

You can still run and hide. But it won't save you.

  • Brothers in Arms

Solidly allied with the Vealox, the Generation of Cradle now stands a chance against the overwhelming forces of the [insert epic/cool sounding name here]. But will it be enough? New advancements in energy-based technology have made the Isorans the scourge of the galaxies, and there is talk of an alliance between the Morai and Vealox to counter the Isorans' new tech. The Gaian Federation, a lone wolf, is ignoring all pleas for diplomacy an refuse to bargain with any; their grudge is with the Vealox, and do not care who gets in the way. The war has suddenly become a lot more interesting.

All the gods, deities, and leaders on Cradle are either lost in Apocrea or dead. Core, Faust, King Tinkinzar, the Punkin King, Vog, Skolver, everyone. Now that those who remain on Cradle know who their enemy is, all hostilities between the Clockworks Kingdoms and the Spiral Order have ceased. But they are completely leaderless. And what is worse is that the first wave of the Apocrealypse has come forth, hosts of Obsidian Disciples crossing the Path of Ages onto Cradle. Absolute chaos has been unleashed.

Don't keep calm; the end is here.

  • The End of All Things

All the forces of the Morai have converged on Isora. The Gaian Federation, ally of none, have begun to seize planets all over the galaxies. The GoC has prepared their own fleet with the help of the Vealox, ready to strike at Moraian, Isoran, and Gaian forces alike.

The Apocrealypse has come forth. Legions of the Apocreans and their unrelenting scythes have spread across Cradle; quiet as a child's whisper, roaring like the death of the world. Screams across distant stars are all that remain of much of the population of Cradle. And yet, there is still hope. The Storm Riders continue their battle with the Apocreans. The Path of Ages is open, allowing the lost and the captured to cross back over from Apocrea. Their infernal devices hold no sway over the survivors anymore, having braved the horrors of Apocrea, free from the lies of reality. And the Cup of Kings in vulnerable; if it is destroyed, Harvester and the Apocreans become mortal once more.

The line between victory and defeat has never been thinner. Do not hold back.


  • Beginnings A series of stories from the Morai Wars. Includes information on the Liberation of Ilsola, the Darklight Nebula, the First Contact, and more. In progress/

Fear Me: A Series of stories containing the stories of the Clockworks Lords, the Crimson Order, and several other important characters.

  • Frozen Over (In progress) - The history of the Ice Queen, exiled Queen of the Jelly Kingdom. OUTDATED AND REALLY SILLY.
  • Hear Me Roar (Complete) -The history of the Snarbolax, Lord of the Beast Empire. OUTDATED LORE
  • I am Vanaduke (Complete) - The history of Lord Vanaduke, the fiery Lord of Almire. OUTDATED LORE
  • It's Good to be King (In progress) - The history of King Tinkinzar, King of the Gremlin Empire. Very silly.
  • Dethroned - The history of the Jelly King, overthrown King of the Jelly Kingdom.
  • Servant of Ur - The history of Achilles, lieutenant of the Fiend god Ur and commander of Underworld forces on Cradle.
  • Spark and Roar - The history of the Roarmulus Twins, robotic rulers of the Construct Empire.
  • In the Name of the King - The true Crimson Guard in action.

Legacy of Almire: A set of stories set around the time period of the Fall of Almire and the Owlites.

  • Soldiers of Almire - The tale of Torin of Almire, the sacking of the Citadel, and Vanaduke's return to power. In progress. My unifinished entry for Tev's Great Big Contest 1.0
  • Fallen Grace - The tale of the fall of two kingdoms, and the birth of a legend. In progress.

World of Lorecraft

Very big project I'm working on. Like an encyclopedia for all my lore. :O

  • A Downwards Spiral: The World of the Isorans and the Morai- Coming not so soon.
  • Consumed: The World of the Faustians
  • Geometry and Madness: The World of Apocrea
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici: The World of the Vealox
  • Dark Beasts Most Malevolent: An Encyclopedia of the Creatures that Come Forth from the Shadows
  • To Arms!: An encyclopedia for all the equipment used by all species throughout my stories.

Just post stuff on the discussion page ._.

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