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Icon-gear.png About me

Sir-Onox crash-landed on Cradle 15 June 2011, he is an curious and adventurer knight who is always ready to help his friends and kill jellies or undead monsters. He loves the crowns and collect all types of materials in the depths. He plays everyday and has over 130.000 points of prestigue, lot of armors, helmets and swords for every adventure.

He supports the Spiral Knight Wiki updating the locations of monsters, better quality images and writing better description to the creatures.


  • Sir-Onox is his real account name in Spiral Knight (Onox792 is his account name in the wiki site)
  • He uses a Ice Queen Crown with a Divine Dapper Combo, a Snarbolax Coat with Tails Tails accesory, Crest of Winter and Shadow Valkyrie Wings.
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