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Saphy's vanity page wip

Saphykun's Vanity Page

What have you accomplished in-game that you'd like to share?

  • Died in a Treasure Vault level (death by Kleptolisk)
  • Died in a Town level (death by Faust's curse)
  • Died in the (Advanced) Training Hall (by spikes/ailments/monsters)
  • Been thrown up into the air by a gate going up. See Death_by_skewage image for an example.
  • Took a couple of hours to complete a Tier 2 stratum (Depths 9-12) with Kitty. Our guild members were not amused (and neither was my laptop).

See gallery below for examples:

Do you like making fashion statements?

I do! You just can't die without looking fashionable. If you're going to go down, you go down looking awesome. <insert line of outfits here> To add:

  • Metalmander, dubbed by Cactuscat (Salamander Suit/Emberbreak Helm)
  • partyhrd/ravegurl (Vitasuit Deluxe/Magic Hood). Name was obtained by glowstickVitapod on the butt.
  • Eskimo/Canadian winter (Wolver Coat/Miracle Hood)

Okay okay, so what have you REALLY accomplished?

I don't really draw that bad, really


  • Created and streamlined the alchemy paths for individual equipment by putting the full alchemy path into a table, instead of only viewing the upgrades (with help from Equinox!)
  • Stole created a Template:Needs updating tag that encompasses all images needing updates, including outdated art, fuzzy and inconsistent images, rendering Equinox's "Fuzzy images" tag obsolete XD

Both of these are still in use.


  • Created base for Arsenal and Party pages, which went through a lot of changes!
  • Mass-uploaded bombs' individual blast radius for consistency and easy comparison (all bomb radii have an image of 900x600)
  • Some stats updates, LOTS of icon recolors
  • Some equipment art updates
  • Some gate level clarifications: short explanation and a list of possible gate icon combinations

Wiki contributions

See Special:Contributions/Saphykun for a full list of contributions.

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