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Thorfinns began his journey to the cradle the year 2012.

Weeks later he searched for a family or otherwise a Guild!

He joined Kingz of War.

After many months helping his mates he got a promotion and became officer!

Later that year the only Gm in the guild asked him to become Guildmaster and he accepted.

After while,he decided to found Bombheads with his friend Gatoss!

A guild that the most important thing will be the respect among its members.

Many members joined and helped tremendously the guild to grow.

Bombheads are still active(2017) with a friendly community fighting their way to the core!


20160710190705 1.jpg
Name: Thorfinns
Otherwise Known: Thor, God of Thunder
Guild: Bombheads Founder&Guildmaster
Playstyle: Swordsman

20160712144141 1.jpg
Name: Xoleras
Race: Maskeraith
Moves: Virulent Quills,Deadly Shadow Cloak,Haunted Haze

Favorite Weapons

Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png Divine Avenger
Equipment-Acheron icon.png Acheron
Equipment-Glacius icon.png Glacius
Equipment-Voltedge icon.png Voltedge
Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Blade icon.png Barbarous Thorn Blade
Equipment-Polaris icon.png Polaris
Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Argent Peacemaker
Equipment-Shivermist Buster icon.png Shivermist Buster

Favorite Helmets&Armors

Equipment-Chaos Cloak icon.png Chaos Cloak

Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png Skolver Coat

Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png Snarbolax Coat

Favourite Shields

Equipment-Grey Owlite Shield icon.png Grey Owlite Shield
Equipment-Swiftstrike Buckler icon.png Swiftstrike Buckler
Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png Crest of Almire

Favourite Bombheads

Equipment-Toxic Bombhead Mask icon.png Toxic Bombhead Mask
Equipment-Silver Bombhead Mask icon.png Silver Bombhead Mask

Favourite Run

  • Royal Jelly Palace Gate-Royal Jelly Palace.png
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