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This guide has been posted on the forums originally here. Updates and optimization for the wiki will come soon.

Who the macaroni are you to be able to write a guide and why should I listen to you?

I'm Ters. I'm obsessed with SK fashion. Why should you listen to me? I don't wanna brag around but clearly you'd want proof of my experience. I am by no means one of the best, and I respect and admire those better than me.

First off, I'm an experienced artist. I put a lot of thought into color theory and composition. Not everything is all that great, but I've got the knowledge. There's much I haven't uploaded there Second, here's what I've come up with in terms of SK costumes. Of course, I am by no means the only person to discover and wear them, I'm just another person who found them to be matching, nor are they perfect. This is also used for examples in the guide. Third, I've hosted and judged two successful fashion shows. Look 'em up if you want.

Now we're established that I'm not just another Vog Set wearer just spewing undocumented smack talk around, here's the guide.


This is by no means the absolute truth, it's rather just a guide with a few tips on making outfits. Just wanna share my knowledge. Whenever "costume x" or "costume y" is mentioned, it's referring to a costume from here.</a>

General Guidelines:

  • This guide is focused on creating a balanced, matching, technical, eye-pleasing and in best case, unique outfit. If you want something that screams for attention or just tries too hard to be unique by mismatching, then just take the first helm-armor combination that passes trough your head. This guide will be the opposite of that.
  • Be mindful of personal color. As you can see, costumes 10 and 11 would be much worse with another personal color, and costume 3 would be much better in Violet.
  • Be mindful of gear color themes. Here's a list written off the bat, with very approximative colors, just for general guidance, taking all colors found in almost all gear of the specific theme:
    • -Cool (light grey and blue, brown and other shades of grey possible)
    • -Dusky (violet and teal, light grey possible)
    • -Fancy (pink and a light purple, light grey possible)
    • -Heavy (dark grey, possibly light grey, and red)
    • -Military (light tan, teal-green, and dark blue like the snarbolax)
    • -Regal (yellow and dark blue, brown possible)
    • -Toasty (red, grey-brown and a dark blue with small tendencies of green, light yellow/grey possible)
    • -Volcanic (red, dark indigo and orange-yellow fire)
    • -Divine (very light yellow, grey, and brown)
    • Some gear doesn't really fit in any of those, thus let your instinct and fashion sense, together with experience and experimentation be your guide.
  • Gear color theme matching is NOT the only matching you can do. As you can see on 12, the costume wouldn't be all that great if not for the Regal Vents. Why? Because their regal color scheme matches the regal color of the hand thingies of the poncho. Even if regal vents do not fit on a stand-alone Grey Feather, in this costume they help a lot by balancing the color scheme.
  • Do not stick random accessories on gear. Try to match the color theme of the gear with that of the accessory. Exceptions are made when balancing colors in an outfit, as described in the previous point.
  • Shields and weapons can really bring out a costume if used well, however they are not indispensable.
  • Knight view/ inspect view differs from Haven view due to a different angle, therefore some parts are popping up more in it than in Haven view.
  • Do not clutter your outfits with accessories. Your goal isn't to show off how much money you have. If it is, just stick some halos and wings on snarb. Even though that will deem you rich AND stupid. However, you CAN have an accessory with all slots filled, but that requires a lot of experience, thought, and fashion sense to match them all into one nice outfit.
  • Keep clipping in mind. Clipfests are less eye-pleasing.
  • An outfit has the best effect with the least colors- and most importantly, repeated troughout the outfit. As in, we have a yellow on the hands, but we also have it on the ears so that they balance eachother. This requires practice and observation, so you may not get it right from first- but you can always limit your colors, too many is too bad!

More about gear:

  • Choose a theme and plan for you costume- a well-planned costume is a good costume, unlike costumes that you just make on the way. Maybe you want to look cute? Or badass? Maybe you want warm or cool colors? Keep these in mind.
  • You'd want to mix two different sets together now. A full set of armor is not a costume, it is merely a premade outfit on which you stuck some accessories.
  • Some things just don't go well together- take a plate mail and a wolver line for example. They can be matched but as shape, they aren't great.
  • Experiment in AH and Spiral Spy and try to come up with something great- there aren't many limitations here
  • As said before, be mindful of color theme, don't mix a regal helmet with a volcanic armor for example

More about accessories:

  • Please, for everybody's eyes' sake, do not attach accessories with a different color scheme than that of the gear. Exceptions are when balancing the color composition of an outfit, but these are thought out. (see 12)
  • Again, no clipping.
  • Use common sense here - don't attach accessories that simply don't match, for example, mecha wings on dragon scale helm, or mohawks on cowls.
  • More accessories does not mean more swag. Think out every accessory you attach- does it make sense on that combination, and theme you've chosen?
  • If you just can't find an accessory to match the color scheme of your armor- don't put one! Not even prismatics match sometimes, due to the color of the outfit differing from the personal color too much, making the outfit imbalanced.

So where do I start?

  • Given that you have the money, the steps would be:
  • Read this guide (lol)
  • Choose a theme.
  • Think about what gear you'll wear, so that it matches the theme. Be mindful of personal color, too!
  • Keep in mind that some combinations are common, indeed, and coming up with something new is hard these days, there will always be at least one more person who got the same idea. In order to get something unique, after choosing the theme, I suggest picturing all the armors and helmets of that theme that you can think of. Making a new and fresh outfit needs experience, of course, so don't worry if your first isn't so unique, just stick with it if you like it!
  • Think about what accessories would match the gear and also the theme, go out and preview as many as you wish until you find something you like. Be mindful of matching your colors. And just get them and attach!
  • Explore your arsenal, see if there's any weapon and shield matching, and go on and wear them together.
  • Go ask for opinions! If you're unsure about your outfit before making it, do this before you sink money into it, who knows, maybe your friends can give you advice on it.
  • You should spend most time on choosing the gear and accessories.

>>End of Guide

And that's about it. I hope this has helped you a bit. :) I took my time writing it over the period of 3 days, on and off, tried my best making it as clear as possible, and I hope I haven't left anything out. I may edit it later if I remember anything.

I will also answer any questions regarding either the contents of this guide, or criticize your outfits if you wish- but beware, I am horribly strict and honest, as well as blunt, and will nitpick at everything, but at least you'll know what really is wrong with it and what to improve! You can either ask here, or contact me in-game if for whatever reason you want it to be private, my IGN is Tersakoff.

>> -Owlite Scholar costume analysys - this guide applied<<

Theme - Remaking a rebel sophomore Owlite Scholar

Backstory - A nonconventional scholar, part owlite - wings and ears, making a fashion statement by replacing his regular robe with a sash with a hole in the back to let his overgrown wings free, and a pierced hood too, to show off his ears.

Gear - Grey Owlite Cowl + Sunset Duster. Top of the cowl coordinated with the main brown color of the sash. Lighter brown coordinating with the tips of the sash, approximatively. PC ties everything together, the neck of the sash is as close to the dark teal of the hood as possible, making the odd color of it almost unnoticeable. Uncommon combination.

Accessories - Regal Valkyrie wings, coordinating with the legs of the sash. Regal Vertical Vents, coordinating with the hands of the sash, and the base of the wings.

Weapons and shield - Grey Owlite Shield, typically worn by owlite scholars, Divine Avenger/ Argent Peacemaker/ Glacius, likely to be used by an owlite scholar - their regal color scheme fits. Glacius has some hood/sash colors too, the glow of it fits the PC.

Flaws - The odd dark teal of the hood, nothing can be done. The purpleish of the wings standing out, the tips barely coordinating with the light grey of the hood, nothing can be done besides replacing with Regal Cardboards- too pricey and rare. Trim on the edges of the sash is too bright, no brown on the hood if looked at from behind.

Yep, this is a technical costume, this guide applied. To see more, look in the comments for critiques I've given, not so detailed though. /end

>ALSO< Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I may find certain outfits as mismatching and ugly while others hold them dear and enjoy them- that is because they may be wrong technically, thus break one or more of the guidelines stated here. I'm sorry for the bottomhurt that will cause, but I have a very technical point of view on outfits and follow these guidelines closely. Besides, as I've already said, this is by no means the absolute truth, just the experience I've amassed.

Ters out.~

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