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Name: Xxdragneel
Known As: Dragneel , ChatKing , Natsu , Drag , Shorty , Nurdy, Gramps
Guild: Shadow AD (Guild)
Quote: Leeeeeeroy !

Aeonic DoomStoryAeonic Doom

Dragneel started his journey from the day he fell with his pod on Cradle on June 2011 . He didn't know anything about his surrounding and wondered in the first levels of his life . Once he reached the Rescue Camp , He didn't buy weapons from the strangers there like others , he stayed loyal to his Proto Sword and Proto Gun . After he passed the Chasm to Haven , he was surprised that how many knights reached this place before and went exploring he is surrounding environment.At first he was so ( wow ) when he saw all vog cubs around him and wished to be like them someday , so he went to the bazzar to buy a weapons like them , but he didn't find the weapons they had . When he saw the recipes he didn't know how they work or how would someone craft weapons so he tried to find someone to help , until he found a Deadly Virsluck who helped him with his first weapon : Flourish . The second he got it , he went to clockworks to try it and was disappointed with the damage on the slime , because he didn't know that damage table at first . All of this changed when he joined his first guild ever , "Sparklin Revelations" ! He was recruited by a vog cub called "Andewyl" which taught him the way of swordsman , this was the first way that dragneel learnt in his career. Andewyl taught him how to defeat the Royal Jelly King ! At first Dragneel was surprised with the levels and loved to it everyday with Andewyl and other guildies . At first he crafted Calibur and made it to Ascended Calibur , he didnt like shadow weapons and wanted to be like his GM Andewyl ( Azure Helm , Vog Coat , Leviathan Blade , Divine Avenger ). With the time Dragneel learned alot about crafting and recipes and alchemy lines and went making his Wolver coat , which advanced by time to Ash Tail Coat and he crafted the Mighty Coblat helm . He only had his trusted sword ( Ascended Calibur ), so he thought about making another weapon which was Avenger !! After a while the guild died and Dragneel was left alone , so he was demotivated to play and decided to take a rest from runs and left the guild ! After months of rest , He was wondering in Haven as always talking with people and chilling out , He met a group of people who was in a guild called "Dark Guardians". He talked with him about the game and asked them to join the guild , and they accepted ! At first he was so happy that he told the guild that he want to face the mighty Lord Vanaduke for first time in his life ! A kind Knight and his mate told him that they will take him and they will take care of him and they all took their weapons and launched the elevator to the Duke ! At first Dragneel was so scared that he dont have enough weapons for Vanaduke but the Knights calmed him down and told him to be brave and not fear any enemy ! After they fought with the Duke , The Duke was defeated and Dragneel had his first seals ever !He stayed a long time in the guild and reached the rank of Veteran , and through this time in his guild he met a Knight that changed his thinking in the game . It was "Lostinspacehd" A legendary gunner who made dragneel love the way of gunning and taught him it tactics and everything he knows about gunning , thus made Dragneel to make a new set which was The Shadowsun set !! He crafted the Blitz needle to beat vana with a breeze and he was able to kill every bosses in the game . The time went going and going until Dragneel decided to take another rest , but he didnt know how much he will rest . This was the point where he left Dark Guardians for a small problem with some people in the guild , and Dragneel was lone wolf again . He tried to look for a guild that is strong with kind people and friendly and he decided to join his third guild "Rational Knights" with his loyal friend Lostinspacehd . At first he was happy in the guild , but after a while he felt that he dont belong here because the guild was dead too .. He loved Rational Knights because they were friendly and kind with him but he seeked another guild again . He started looking in hotels and resturants for a guild that is recruiting people but he wasn't lucky . But this changed when he met someone in Haven by accident and chatted with her about joining that guild and etc... That guild was "Aeonic Doom" which he is now in and hopes to stay in it forever ! In this guild Dragneel learned how to kill people in Lockdown and the skills of striker by his new mentor "Prophe" . And before he joined the guild and between the time of leaving Rational Knights and joining Aeonic Doom , Dragneel made a legendary team in Clockworks that all monster trembled in fear when they saw them coming to them , That team was composed of : Lostinspacehd ( The legendary leader )Nateblacksmith ( The Rock Bomber ) Aleksone ( The Jack-of-all-trades ) and of course Dragneel ( the fiery Dragon ). This team didnt leave any boss or monster in Cradle and didn't beat it to the ground . And now in these days , you can find Dragneel wondering and chatting in all Havens with his friend or guildies and he is now trying to be the champion of LD and he will someday ......

Aeonic DoomEquipmentAeonic Doom

Aeonic DoomSpecial ThanksAeonic Doom

Special thanks to my four mentors in the game :

1.Andewyl ( My swordsman mentor :D )

2.Lostinspacehd ( My gunner mentor :D and one of my best friends )

3.Nateblacksmith ( My bombing mentor and also one of my best friends )

4.Prophe ( My Lockdown Mentor and a very kind person ^^ )

5.Il-Doctorwho-Il ( The one who introduced me to SLs , Thanks Doc ^^ )

6.Dr-Badman ( The most one that tabbed me ever xD )

7.Neometal ( One of my best friends and the one who helped me with my Dauntless Delver achievement )

8.Dialgia ( Millions of thanks for him, he gifted me my Crown of Winter. Thanks !!! )

9.Daystorm ( Thanks for lending me 500k to get the Extra Tall Modifier! )

10.Coldness ( Thanks for being an awesome guy )

11 Enfeebler ( Thanks for helping in my trading journey )

12.All of Aeonic Doom Members and The Fallen Members are in my heart. Thanks for being an awesome guilds, and hope I can pay you someday!

And more thanks for the one who taught me how to make my wiki page :


Aeonic DoomTo be updatedAeonic Doom

  • Have 60/60 achievements DONE !
  • Killed Roarmalus Twins as a duo with Shinigami-Angel in 47.29 seconds.
  • soloed Firestorm Citadel without deaths.
  • soloed Lord Vanaduke without deaths.
  • soloed Royal Jelly King without deaths.
  • soloed Roarmalus Twins without deaths.
  • soloed Snarbolax without deaths.
  • soloed : Legion of Almire
  • soloed : Ghosts in the Machine without deaths
  • Done all SLs ( 3xRabid Snarbolax 2xIce Queen 4xRed Roarmalus Twins 1xDarkfire Vanaduke )
  • Prestige : 50k + DONE

Aeonic DoomLockdown statistics Aeonic Doom

  • Highest damage in Lockdown with swords : 30,000.
  • Highest damage in Lockdown with guns only : 13,666.
  • Highest damage in Lockdown as a Guardian : 16,000.
  • Highest damage in Lockdown as A striker with Proto Set : 20,000.
  • Highest captures in Lockdown : 13 captures.
  • Highest defends in Lockdown : 10 defends.

Aeonic DoomGuilds Aeonic Doom

  • Sparklin Revelations : First guild. with the rank of "Member"
  • Dark Guardians : Second guild. with the rank of "Veteran"
  • Rational Knights : Third guild. with the rank of "Member"
  • Currently in The Fallen. It will be my last guild in my Spiral Knights Career. with the rank of "Member"

Aeonic DoomGalleryAeonic Doom

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