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Access for the Golden Slime Casino

Hey, just wanted to address it here since i think u missed my history note on the change for the Golden Slime Casino's access: Gremlin Grounds are levels of the Clockwork Tunnels, and the only maps in Arcade that have the gear icon are Clockwork Tunnels and Deconstruction Zones, so the text u adding its not really necessary. if u say "...all maps with a gear icon except Deconstruction Zone" that leaves only Clockwork Tunnels since they are the only regions left if u exclude Deconstruction Zone and the original text said this " exploring Clockwork Tunnels via the Arcade". So i dont see any need for a change in that wording and thats why i did an "undo" on ur previous change. Please don't take this msg as a discouragement on ur willing to fix details on pages, its just this particularly one, i have checked some other of ur edits and they are fine :) i like that u saw the mistake in "Apocrean Reaper" and corrected the name of the monster. Have a nice day! --HikaruFER 19:14, 18 May 2020 (UTC)

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