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LowRestLine wrote: By some reason I can't edit anything (talk pages, articles), it tells me to validate my email (already done). So if anyone reads this, I'd like to inform Wiki about some kind of sentry, powered by energy. I couldn't find it in list of Construct family monsters, maybe you should add it there. I found it on Aurora Isles: Jelly Farm II, its been near party button, looked like a box, I came closed, it told me to spend 5 energy, I did and box became sentry... It used energy beam to destroy monsters (they didn't attack it). Maybe its already known. If someone interested I've got screenshots. In case I can't edit anything, you can ask me about it in my discussion page (doesn't exist yet).

I believe you are referring to a Mecha turret. It is not on the monsters page because it is not classified as a monster. :-) SK Tactics 20:29, 7 August 2011 (UTC)
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