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Siegefault here. IGN: Cypreus.

Out of curiosity, did you take any of the "help me judge" posts into consideration? Very few of the results seem to be drawn from those and I'm confused by one or two entries posted as winners. Just an inquiry from an artist, unless you're past all pleasantries and now you'll just tell me to "&*)# myself with a i-beam".

Kavron posting here just in case my post is somehow lost in the forums. I have that sort of luck. IGN: Kavron

Hey Shoebox, Glitchpop here. Thanks for the prize and the great contest! My in game name is Pioh.


hello, Shoebox? It's Mejezfeld. I'm wondering what happened about that prize you were supposed to send me. I've been waiting for it a while now. my in-game name is also Mejezfeld.

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