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Who are we?

Guild Members

These are not up to date.

  • The players that are slightly above the rest in guild lists are noted to be senior members of their rank. However, some players' seniority cannot be determined. Thus, some are arranged in no particular order.
  • Guild News

    Valkyrie Knights
    GuildLogo-Valkyrie Knights.jpg

    Honor, Respect, and Glory

    Guild Founder: Whitelancer
    Approx. Population:  ?

    Current Status: Unknown.

    Ranking Up

    • Recruit Test = Must have little to no trouble during the FSC trial run.
    • Member Test = Solo tier 2 arena OR Royal Jelly OR Roarmulus Twins. Must be Accompanied by a veteran and above.
    • Veteran Test = Duet The Gauntlet. Must have no death. Select an Officer/ Guildmaster Of your choice to help you. However, you must have FULL 5 STAR CERTIFICATION ★★★★★ to qualifiy for the test.
    • Officer Test = Must WOW ⚔Whitelancer♰ in real life.
    • Guild Master Test = Get 100,000CE and mail it to ⚔Whitelancer♰.


    To be admitted into Valkyrie Knights, a potential recruit must do one of two things. They will be judged by their skill in two different tasks by Whitelancer or another guild member of his discretion. They will be evaluated in either (1) Being able to do firestorm Citadel levels 24 - 28, or (2) Their skill in lockdown. Other requirements are: You must have at least one full set of five star gear, a good sense of fair gameplay that is not offensive or rude to ANY player, and you must want to have fun and socialize with fellow knights.

    ⚔ Be friendly and willing to cooperate with other players.

    ⚔ Be able to assist guild FSC parties with LITTLE to NO trouble.

    ⚔ For PvP Applicants: Have exceptional Lockdown skills in terms of scores in captures, defends, and damage.

    ⚔ Be able to act mature.

    Changes will be made to the Recruitment info if they are needed. Until then, the above rules are in effect.

    Other Stuff

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