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"Victory in Valour!"

Guild Founder: Cricketheart
Approx. Population: 36
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):



To create a haven for any knight that seeks our friendship.
We aspire to associate with those of quality and character.
Our focus is to maintain a loyal and dependable circle of members.

Guild History

There once was a guild called The Illusionists. Strong and merry, they existed before the days of Eternal Orbs, Krogmo, and furnished halls. It was a simple, yet satisfying age in Cradle.
Though, over time, the clockworks of life took its toll and the once powerful guild began to fade away. Eventually only a handful remained.
These stalwart knights did not know then that they would be the ones to carry on a legacy into a spiraling new era! For a time, they marched through a silent void in memory of those they had lost.
But no longer.
Their endurance has inspired The Illusionist's leader to start again. Today, this guild has been renamed to reflect its members: Valour.

I hope to return this guild to its days of glory and welcome any knight who would be so willing as to join us in this vision.

So please, read on and decide for yourself how you can contribute to this guild.

- ♛ Cricketheart

Guild Rules And Standards

  • Firstly, embrace life. Our members are not expected to be "severely active". Unless you've quit spirals for good, we are usually lenient on those who decide to put their real lives first (e.g. school, work, vacation, religion, other games, potato harvest, disco lessons etc.).
  • Some of us use Skype as an outside communication and contact each other when we want to delve the clockworks in our spare time.
  • Valour, at this given time, will not be recruiting more than 100 members. Space will become more exclusive over time, so ask about joining now before it's too late!
  • As it stands, recruits who haven't logged in or been heard from for over a month are at risk of being removed. Members are at the same risk though they will be demoted to recruit first and allowed a longer grace period before removal is considered.
  • Special conditions may apply and we are willing to make accommodations according to each knight's unique situation!

Guild Hall

As far as our guild hall is concerned, we do not upgrade or expand so there are zero upkeep fees. Those crowns are better spent on crafting and reaching your knight's potential.
Even so, do not let our humble halls fool you, many a rich friendship has blossomed there.

Valour Is A Guild For Knights Who Are

  • comfortable with chatty conversations during a run
  • satisfied with a cozy guildhall (0 upgrades= 0 upkeep)
  • more suited to intimate gatherings (100 or less guild members)
  • able to act maturely, regardless of actual age

Ranks / Promotions

Recruit     new and/or fairly uninvolved
Member     well known and a solid addition to the guild
Veteran     knights have been a contributing member for 8 months or more
Officer     selected exclusively

How to Join Valour

If you are interested in joining, please contact our officer Konat in game or post an appllication on our forum page with a message including your responses to the following:

  1. How did you invent/decide your knight's character name?
  2. Describe yourself with one word that does or does not exist.
  3. Time zone?
  4. What do you consider the most important asset to a guild?

After submitting, we will either contact you or send an invitation as soon as possible.
We hope to hear from the swankiest knights of spirals, so give us a try!

Guild Treasury

A collection of old and new guild members, adventures, and ideas from the spiral community.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


Mission: The Gauntlet with Snow-Moogle, Poteli and Iskrica - Senpai Moogle Youtube Channel
Mission: Alone In The Dark with Snow-Moogle, Poteli and Iskrica - Senpai Moogle Youtube Channel
Mission: Breaking In The Recruits Playlist with Konat and Cricketheart - Konat YouTube Channel

Art & Screenshots

Guild Page Notes

Please Note: Valour Wiki editors are allowed and highly encouraged to contribute additional content to Videos and Art section of the page. Thank you!


  • page text written by: ♛ Cricketheart
  • page creator and main editor: Iskrica (Wiki handle MissNice)
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