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Varia Knights
GuildLogo-Varia Knights.png

Variety makes us stronger.

Guild Founder: Mecha-Zero-Sion
Approx. Population: 21
Guild Master(s):
  • Mecha-Zero-Sion
  • Parnen
Guild Officer(s):
  • Saigai

Basic information

About us

Varia Knights is a small guild with one main goal: to have fun while playing! We are a group of knights that help each other. Whether you are missing some crowns to buy new gear, looking for a rare recipe at Basil or in need of better firepower in the Clockworks, you can ask other Varias for help.

Each Varia is free to ask questions and send suggestions about the Guild to the Guild Masters through in game mail.


There is one main rule: keep the game fun for everyone. That means:

  • To stay nice, both during normal conversations and role-play
  • To avoid griefing
  • To lend guildmates a hand sometimes

This is what most players do anyway, so following these directives is a breeze.

If you happen to see someone from the guild breaking them, be sure to notify one of the Officers or Guild Masters, so they can resolve this problem.


None of the members at any rank is required to pay crowns or stay active to be in the guild. As of right now, we do not plan on expanding our Guild Hall rooms further – this keeps upkeep at 0, so the guild stays free for everyone. Nevertheless, donations are appreciated, as they will be used to acquire furniture for the Guild Hall.

Please notify one of the Guild Masters of any donations to the Guild Treasury, or it may not add up to your rank.


It's very simple! If you want to join Varia Knights, just ask one of us for an invitation.

Leaving the guild

We don't want to keep anyone here against their will - it is not a prison. The game should stay fun for everyone, so if you decide that we do not meet your expectations or you feel like joining some other guild, please contact a Guild Master or an Officer – just to say "goodbye!".

Be mindful, all your previous ranks and donations in guild are gone after 3 days.


Ranks indicate the amount of time and resources that one has been devoting to develop the Guild Hall, as well as their social bonds with other Varias. They grant higher status and few minor privileges, as we do not plan on installing member/officer doors anywhere.

You can read about in-game rank privileges in this article.

Rank Requirements

  • Recruit – Every knight who joined the guild. From now on, they can be referred to as "Varia" for short (plural: Varias).
  • Member – A knight who has passed the 1st exam and added at least 11,000 crowns total to the guild tresury. They get their own chair in the command center.
  • Veteran – A knight who has reached at least the rank of Knight Elite, passed the 2nd exam and added 50,000 crowns total to the guild tresury.
  • Officer – A knight who has reached at least the rank of Defender Elite, added 150,000 crowns total to the guild tresury and gained approval for their promotion by the Headquarters (Guildmasters and Officers) and the most of active members.
  • Guild Master - Founders of the guild.

Note for the Officers: any promotions and demotions must be consulted with the Guild Masters.

Rank exams

Member exam

Exam for the Member consists of 3 questions from The List of Questions, that is in posession of both Guild Masters. You can ask any Guild Master to examine you any time they are online.

Sample questions:

  • How to beat the Snarborlax? Base tactic and suggested weponry.
  • Does the number of knights in the mission affect strenght of the monsters?
  • Which status effect won't work on the undead?

Tip: you may ask a Guild Master to replace one Spiral Knights question with a Metroid trivia question (hence the name of the guild was inspired by this series).

Veteran exam

Exam for the Veteran takes place in Tier 3 Clockworks on Elite Difficulty. The goal is to reach The Core – it is not required to kill every monster encountered, but it is forbidden to skip most of the fights. Your efforts must be overseen by at least one of the Guild Masters and can be inspected by an Officer. Be mindful, that even though they will fight alongside you, they won't do everything for you.

Varia Knights Squads

Officers of Varia Knights have a privilege of organising squads within the guild. The leader of a squad is granted the internal rank of Captain. Each squad has its speciality and inner rules. Anyone who wants to become a member of a squad should contact the Squad Leader directly. Officers should discuss creation of a new squad with Guild Masters.

Varia Task Force

  • Squad official name: Varia Task Force
  • Squad internal name: Big Bad Wolvers
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Saigai


Elite multienvironmental commando reinforcement unit

  • Ask them for rescue (via guild chat) if you get into trouble or before entering a mission with strong enemy resistance expected. Remember that VTF may not be always available, so proceed with caution every time you set off.


Warriors of the Varia Task Force act in the most dangerous environments to which coming would be a death sentence for the regular knight.

This outstanding crew fights with fiery enthusiasm. Their combat style is similar to what wolvers perform – confusing the enemy and dancing from left to right to finally land a fatal blow. Despite rather aggressive tactics, the team members never forget to protect allies. Not one envies Big Bad Wolvers' cooperation on the battlefield.

It is believed that the squad leader, Captain Saigai, is in possession of a rare blade which empowers him with might of the Spirit Wolvers. Few witnesses among Varia Knights claim that they have seen spooky wolvers follow every strike of captain's blade, but it is not yet confirmed by any outsiders.

Varia Rangers

  • Squad official name: Varia Rangers
  • Squad internal name: Yellow Shooters
  • Commanding Officer: Guildmaster Parnen


Exclusive gunslinger recon formation

  • Among their duties are patrolling the clockworks and gathering crucial information about Crimson Order
  • They maintained close cooperation with Desna's team


Varia Rangers is a unit established by Guildmaster Parnen - the former Recon Ranger, who has been decorated and honorably discharged after a terrible accident happened to him during perilous intel recovery in Almirian ruins.

During combat VR focus on eliminating high-risk targets, such as trojans. Their weapon of choice is a handgun from the Autogun family, although they often supplement it with a fine revoler.

Brave members of this team can be sometimes found pacing the Clockworks - calm and vigilant, on duty to collect important data.

Varia Advance Guards

  • Squad official name: Varia Advance Guards
  • Squad internal name: Adapters
  • Commanding Officer: Guildmaster Mecha-Zero-Sion


Adaptive forefront combat unit

  • Always at the front lines
  • Their distinctive sign is the Grey Owlite Shield


Adapt, charge, shatter - three words which define VAG almost perfectly. Due to carefuly matched selection of equipment, this unit can confront any kind of enemy - breaking through with overwhelming force and no mark of fear.

According to Varia Knights keynote, Adapters try to fit the environmet they are dispatched to perfectly. That includes complete change of armor and weaponry.

Founder, Guildmaster Mecha-Zero-Sion, claims modestly that fighting is just their duty, but everyone knows that he actually cares about the family that all Spiral Knights are.


Name origin

The name "Varia Knights" was inspired by Varia Suit - an armor worn by Samus Aran from Metroid series. The word "varia" itself comes from latin. It is a feminine form of an adjective "varius", meaning "varied, miscellaneous". This reflects our guild: made up from people with various equipments, strategies and ranks.

Original theories

There are theories about Spiral Knighs lore made by our guild members on Reddit. You can find those on r/spiral_knights, or by going trough these links:

Spiral Knights resourcepack for Minecraft

Some of our guild members have made a Spiral Knights inspired Minecraft resourcepack from scratch!

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