Les Victoires Asurer (Guild)

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Les Victoires Asurer
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Come and have fun!!!

Gründer: Auctimus
Durchschnittliche Mitgliederzahl: 30
  • Auctimus
  • Minc


Les Victoires Asurer was created by Auctimus. Les Victoires Asurer is a guild of friendly knights. To go to the next rank you have to pass a test! They are easy and fun!! Les Victoires Asurer is open for all knights! Come and have fun!


We have rules in our guild. Please follow them:

  • No harassing guild members in any sort.
  • Be kind and friendly to all guild members.
  • Be a team player, don't leave any guild members down! Members with the most health can revive other members.
  • Share your healing capsules! We all need them.
  • Don't bother a guild member by inviting them 2 or more times.

If you break these rules, punishment can result in being kicked out from the guild!

Joining and Promotion

The way to join the guild is easy! We either invite you, or you request to join by asking a guild master or officer. Once in the guild, you can have a friendly advice from guild masters and officiers, and be helped with missions! Everyone is kind and friendly in this guild, it's a very safe environment for yo.

  • Recruits are knights that didn't pass any tests yet.
  • Members are promoted when passing a certain test.
  • Veterans are promoted when passing a certain test.
  • Officers are trusted, loyal members who have proven themselves to the guild masters.


There are currently 2 test how you can be promoted:

  • Promote to Member: Pass with a guild master or officier the Snarbolax mission.
  • Promote to Veterans: Pass with a guild master or officier the Frostifur Fandango mission.


If you're a member of Les Victoires Asurer, help the page to be clean.

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