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Blast Network es un bombástico juego de explosiva diversión donde los jugadores intentan ¡hacer volar a la competencia! Les da a todos los participantes el equipo necesario para jugar por lo que no se requieren preparativos especiales para unirse a la acción. Blast Network es un explosivo evento que tiene ligar en el Coliseo del Rey Krogmo donde los caballeros tratan de eliminar a sus oponentes explotándolos.

All of your personal equipment is ignored in Blast Network and you instead have use of a single weapon, a bomb that explodes in a cross formation. Bombs do not require charging and can be placed immediately. A bomb will kill any Knight caught in its explosion, including the Knight who placed it, so be careful! In each game you earn points for having your bombs eliminate your opponents. The player or team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

The cumulative weekly scores for the leaderboard are reset on Sunday.

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Modos de Juego

Blast network.png

Blast Network tiene tres modos de juego:

Todos vs Todos

Blow up every player in sight, trying not to include yourself.

Equipo al Azar

Get placed in a random team with the sole purpose of blowing up the other team.

Equipo de Gremio

Open up slots for yourself and guild mates to battle another guild team . You can also join forming guild teams by simply pressing the ‘Guild’ tab within the Coliseum interface. A guild team must have 4 players in order for it to start.

Power Ups

Power ups are shown above the timer for the match.

Scattered over the play field are various pick ups which can augment a Knight's attributes. Picking up a power up will automatically activate it for your knight. If you are defeated, your excess power ups are removed.

Bomb Blast Up

Icon blastup.png Increases the blast area of a Knight's bomb by one tile. A Knight may have up to 15 Bomb Blast Ups.

Bomb Count Up

Icon countup.png Increases the number of bombs you can drop at once. A Knight may have up to 5 Bomb Count Ups.

Speed Up

Icon speedup.png Increases the movement speed of a Knight. A Knight may have up to 5 Speed Ups.

Health Up

Icon healthup.png Increases your health by three cells. This is no longer ingame.


If you are defeated, you can either instantly respawn by spending energy or you can wait until the timer reaches zero.

If you are defeated you will wait in the rolling respawn queue. All players in the respawn queue will respawn at once after the respawn counter reaches zero. However, during this time you may instead choose to instantly respawn with energy in the same manner as in the Clockworks.


  • Atolladero
  • Atolladero II
  • Cristales
  • Cristales II
  • Puerta Trasera
  • Misiles
  • Misiles II
  • Púas
  • Bicolor
  • Islas
  • División
  • Cruz de Piedra
  • Cuadrilátero


A knight's score increases by 1 whenever another player is eliminated, and 1 extra point is scored if the elimination was caused by said knight's bombs. In Free For All mode, players with lower death counts take precedence in case of tie breaks. Players with equal kills and deaths take the same place, meaning a match can have multiple winners.

Recompensas en Crowns

For free for all matches, 46.7% of the entrants fees are paid out to winner, second place gets 23.3% if there are more than 4 players. If there are 4 players, the winner gets 70% of the fees, that is 560 crowns and the losers get 0 crowns.

Team matches such as the random team and guild versus guild give out 280 crowns to the winners and 0 to the losers. In a 4 man team or more, if some players leave the match on the winning team, the crowns that would be awarded to the ones that left are given to the winners.

Recompensas Krogmo

Los jugadores ganadores reciben 2 Krogmo Coins o hasta más si hubo un soborno. Los jugadores que pierden solo reciben 1 Krogmo Coin.

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  • Blast Network gameplay is based loosely on the Bomberman game series by Hudson Soft.

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