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Jungla de Concreto
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32px Blighted Boulevard I - II

32px Briar Bone Barrage

32px Totem Trouble I - II

The Concrete Jungle is an area of the Clockworks that looks like an abandoned city infested by poisonous monsters and brambles.


This long forgotten city was reclaimed by nature and then by legions of the undead. Now it is a vile nest of malady, home to all manners of toxic monsters, living and otherwise.


Paseo Pestilente I - II



Trabas de Tótem I - II



Aluvión de Huesos de Brezo

Briar Bone Barrage is an arena-like level where players must step on party buttons and fight a series of waves that must be defeated before moving forward to the next area. There are three party buttons in the level, with the final button releasing a toxilargo as well as several drouls.


Briar Bone Barrage



  • Concrete jungle: Briar Bone Barrage and Dark City: Stygian Seeds are levels found exclusive to Tier 3
  • Mission 8-2 The Rotting Metropolis showcases this set of levels
  • Drouls and Toxigels are the monsters most present in all depths of Concrete Jungle
  • Briar Bone Barrage is the only place where Toxilargos can be found

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