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Nonna, Agente de Adopción Emberlight


Nonna is a Gremlin representative for the Emberlight Adoption Agency. She could be found in the Town Square of Haven from April 25th, to April 30th and November 23.

Nonna and her re-purposed Retrode offer baby monstruos conveniently placed in easy to carry knapsack accesories for an adoption fee of 175,000 crowns.


La Propaganda de Nonna ofreciendo mascotas a los caballeros
Icono/Estilo Imagen equipada
Equipment-Chroma Whelp Monster Pocket icon.png
Chroma Whelp
Chroma Whelp Monster Pocket-Equipped.png
Equipment-Love Puppy Monster Pocket icon.png
Love Puppy
Love Puppy Monster Pocket-Equipped.png
Equipment-Mewkat Monster Pocket icon.png
Mewkat Monster Pocket-Equipped.png


  • En el parche del 2012-04-25 se sugiere que Nonna regresará en el futuro con más mascotas.
  • Nonna's Retrode is special for having an X for an eye, and heart shaped symbol on its face.
  • Nonna's Retrode is nicknamed, "Petrode"
  • Nonna's Retrode seems to have an Electrolisk on his head.
  • Nonna is one of the few allied gremlins to not cover their faces and is also the only known female gremlin (all the others whose names are currently known are male).

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