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The prize wheel spins and the door opens on the prize won by the knight.

La Ruleta de premios spins after the completion of each level with monsters when players activate the elevator at the end. Terminal de los Mecanismos, Pueblo Subterráneos, lobbys de Grupo, y El Core do not have prize wheels at the end.

Prize wheels reward each knight with a random prize, regardless of whether they return to Haven or descend. All prize wheels are independent of each other, and the prizes are not shared with the party. Possible prizes are:

  • Materiales, with more valuable materials being more likely deeper in the Clockworks.
  • Crowns, whose quantity also depends on depth. They will always be quantities of 5, 10, 25 or 50.
  • Corazónes; the number of health pips restored by the heart is equal to the tier the wheel was spun in.
  • Full Health; much less common than single hearts, but restores all health.
  • Recolectables
  • If a knight has no pickups currently in their belt when they spin this prize, they will be given one at random.
  • If they already had one non-full stack of pickups, they have a chance to receive another of that type, but also receive one at random.
  • If they have no empty slots in the belt, this prize will not replace existing pickups, but instead add onto the non-full stacks.

Problemas Conocidos

Archivo:Nota de Birdsong Mining Company.png
Prize Wheel compensation from the Birdsong Mining Company. It is assumed that "cushions" is a reference to finding money between the cushions of a couch.

Occasionally, the prize wheel will not appear at all on screen after completing a depth, seemingly at complete random. It's unknown if anything is still awarded anyway.

If the prize wheel fails to appear, a player may receive un correo reimbursing them of the crowns they would have otherwise obtained. It is unknown whether this applies solely to crowns (and not pickups, materials or hearts converted to crowns), or if the number crowns differs according to the original prize.

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