Soldados Recon

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Insignia de los Soldados Recon

Los Soldados Recon are an elite team tasked with recovering intel from some of the most dangerous levels in the clockworks. Desna is the leader of the Recon Rangers.


  • According to the Iron Wolf Set and Iron Dragon Set description, the Recon Rangers are formed by the union of the 'Iron Dragons' and 'Iron Wolves', two squads of fearless knights that specialized in the elimination of high-profile Morai targets. After disbanding, their surviving members were united by Desna to form the Recon Rangers.
  • All members of the Recon Rangers use an unique shield called the The Bitter End.
  • There is a support pickup item called Ranger Signal Flare that summons a Recon Ranger with an Autogun to provide support fire.

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