De SpiralKnights

Une des taches des Knights est d'explorer les Rouages en joignant un groupe descendant par une porte. Dans les Rouages, Les Knights vont trouver beaucoup de choses intéressantes.



Les Monstres sont de terribles créatures pouvant etre trouvés dans les Rouages. Il existe actuellement six familles de monstre : Les bêtes, les machines, les démons, les gremlins, les slimes, et les morts-vivants.



Une heureuse découverte! Ils contiennent toujours des objets comme des crowns, des jetons, de la chaleur ou des consommables. Ils existent en deux couleurs rouge et vert, les rouges donnent plus de récompenses que les verts mais sont plus rares.






Matériaux et autres objets


Caractéristique des Maps

Pendant l'exploration des Rouages, les Kinghts peuvent rencontrer des obstacles. Souvent, il sera necessaire de les détruire pour avancer dans le niveau.

Blocs destructibles

Ces blocs basiques peuvent etre brisés par les attaque d'un Knight, que ce soit à l'épée, à la bombe ou au pistolet. Ils existent en deux variantes: Les 1er peuvent etre détruit en un seul coup, tandis que la seconde en necessite trois.

Blocs indestructibles

Ce sont des blocs que les Knights ne peuvent pas détruire. Pour les faire disparaitre un bloc fantome est nécessaire.

Blocs fantomes

Des blocs qui émettent une lumière bleu. Tous types bloc directement en contact avec ce bloc disparaitra s'il se retrouve détruit.

bloc de cristal

Les blocs de cristal ont trois couleurs: orange, vert et bleu. Quand il est frappé, tout les blocs de cristal adjacent se briseront.


De l'herbe peux etre trouvée dans tout les niveau herbeux. Elle est trouvée dans les Aurora Isles, le Starlight Cradle et la Jigsaw Valley. Elle peut etre détruite avec une épée, ou un pistolet, ou bombe, à leur portée maximum. Quand elle est détruite, elle a une chance de laisser 1 a 50 crown, ou un coeur.


Les buissons se trouvent dans les niveau avec de l'herbe, en particulier ans les Wolver Dens. Quand ils sont détruit, il y a une très petit chance qu'ils laissent 1 crown.


Candles are found exclusively in the Candlestick Keep levels and have to be kept lit the constant threat of the dreaded Grimalkin at bay. Some Candles additionally act as triggers to open Gates.

Orange-flame candles have to be kept lit by players by throwing embers at them, as they will extinguish after a period of time. Blue-flame candles are permanently lit.

It is advised for Knights to fight in the light of the candles to avoid taking the threat of the Grimalkin.

Monster Cages

A type of block, monster cages will release a random monster once broken. Most commonly found in the Gloaming Wildwoods as well as Perimeter Promenade II and Scarlet Fortress Cravat Hall I-II. Modèle:Caged Monsters


Embers are almost-instantly regenerating objects that can be carried by knights and thrown at candles in Candlestick Keep levels to light them. They are dropped if the knight holding it is damaged, and does slight damage to monsters when thrown at them.

Empty Rockets

Similar to breakable blocks, except in the shape of rockets. They are found primarily in the Ironclaw Munitions Factory and Grand Arsenal, and need to be hit twice to be broken.

Force Fields

Force fields may be crossed by players, but not monsters.

Players cannot shoot projectiles through a Force Field (with either a handgun or a Charge attack), a Bomb's blast will not reach an enemy through the Force Field, and a Sword reach will not damage a Monster from behind a Force Field, even if it is within the Sword's reach.

Steel Hedgehogs

Massive caltrop-shaped obstacles similar in function to breakable blocks. They need to be hit three times to be broken. They are found primarily in the Grand Arsenal.


Buttons cause certain actions to occur when pressed. There are three types of buttons:

  • Target-colored, the most common type of button - can be stepped on and will remain pressed indefinitely and can be found hidden under breakable blocks
  • Square - a heavy item (a Stone Kat statue or a Knight) must be put on it to keep it pressed.
  • and one marked with a Munitions icon - will deactivate any nearby active missile launchers when pressed.


Switches need to be hit with a weapon, projectile or a thrown item. Switches fall into three categories:

  • Indefinite - These switches need only be hit once and their effect is permanent. They are colored Red and Green.
  • Alternating - Often comes in groups. Hitting any one of these switches will change all of them. These are often used to raise and lower large numbers of gates simultaneously, or change the direction of retraction for a row of consecutive spiked floors. Colored Purple and yellow.
  • and Timed - Hitting a Timed Switch causes something to happen that will reset after a short period of time. When the action has been reset, a knight may hit the switch again to activate the action again and may repeatedly do so until the action has been completed.
Fichier:Exploration-Golden gate.png
A golden gate requires a golden key to unlock it.


Gates allow knights access to new areas. There are four types of gates:

  • Switch/button gates - are the most common kind of gate. They are opened (and sometimes closed) by the activation of a switch or button.
  • Golden Key gates - Golden Key gates require a Knight to find and use a matching Golden key to unlock it.
  • Energy gates - See Extra Energy Features.
  • Monster gates - Monster gates are marked with frowning eyes and a purple glow. They will open when all the Monsters in the area have been defeated.

Beast Bells

Beast Bells stun beasts in a certain radius. When hit, they have a cooldown time of about 10 seconds before they can be hit again. Beast Bells can only be found in Gloaming Wildwoods.

Grim Totems

Grim Totems can resurrect nearby Zombies. They can be carried to another location to allow for easier Zombie slaying.

Swarm Portal

A Swarm Portal can recreate nearby members of the swarm. They cannot be defeated, but enough damage will temporarily shrink it to a minimal, non-threatening size.


Jars can be used to hit switches out of reach, or slightly damage a monster from long range. Jars come in three variants:

  • Regular - The most common type of jar. These jars are always present if a Knight is presented with a switch outside of Sword range.
  • Fire jar - Fire jars will set alight hit monsters.
  • Oil jar - Oil jars will leave oil slicks on the floor when they break.

Water Globes

Water globes are found in the Firestorm Citadel where they are of paramount importance to knights by being the sole way of clearing out Shadow Fire and extinguishing the glowing orbs surrounding Lord Vanaduke when he is being fought. They are also found in the Grand Arsenal and are used to find a key, opening a door with one treasure block inside and two pups and gremlins (of the higher tier).

Map Hazards

While exploring the various levels of the Clockworks, knights may encounter dangers besides monsters. Many of these hazards can only be found in appropriately themed levels, but others like floor spikes can be found in levels of any theme. Knights will take damage and sometimes status effects by venturing into certain hazards.

Explosive Blocks

Explosive blocks are, as the name suggests, blocks that explode when they take any damaging hit. If Knights stand too close to these blocks when they explode, they will take damage. The explosions can also damage monsters, so use the environment to your advantage.

Note: It is possible to detonate an Explosive Block using your sword. A knight can stand just outside of the block's blast radius and detonated. If done right, you will not take any damage.

Fichier:Exploration-Explosive blocks.png
Two explosive boxes (left) and a timed explosive box (right). Both of these boxes can cause damage if knights or monsters stand too close when they explode.

Timed Explosive Blocks

These explosive blocks go off 3 seconds after they are activated. A knight or monster within range when the timer hits 0 will take damage.

Unused Rockets

Like the empty rockets, they are found in the Ironclaw Munitions Factory. However, it will explode after a few seconds when hit and can damage Knights within a 2-floor tile radius. They do not damage nearby Empty Rockets.

Missile launchers

The missile launchers usually appear in groups and will occasionally fire missiles in the direction they are facing. They can be deactivated by pressing an Ironclaw Munitions button. Missile launchers can be found in the Ironclaw Munitions Factory and the Grand Arsenal.


Missiles are the projectiles of Missile Launchers and the Roarmulus Twins.

Respawning Hazards

Black blocks found on the floor with a rotating circle symbol on it. They are commonly found respawning certain type of blocks, can respawn certain Constructs and even Slimes. If the item it spawns is either destroyed or removed with a Ghost Block, it will respawn again in a short amount of time. If a knight is standing on the respawning block when it spawns, the knight will take some damage. If shielded, the shield will take minor damage.

Note: A unique kind of respawning block can be used to completely recover health. It does not "respawn" per sé, so it does not damage a Knight or their shield. This type of Respawning Block can only be found in the Advanced Training Hall, Subtowns, in between Arenas and before Bosses.

Floor Spikes

Floor spikes are one of the most common hazards encountered by knights. The spike areas always run in a perpetual cycle: spikes out, spikes in, and then they glow purple just before coming back out. When the spikes are out, they should be avoided at all costs, especially in Tier 3. They inflict piercing damage and will often break the shield of a knight that ventures onto them. When the spikes are withdrawn, however, they can be walked on safely.


Normal brambles (left) and poison brambles (right).

Brambles are mostly found on grassy levels and are in fixed positions. Brambles pose most of a threat when an enemy is knocked into the middle of a patch of them, in which case ranged attacks are needed to reach them. Monster drops have a bad habit of hiding in the middle of this hazard. Knights who venture into the brambles will take damage. Brambles can be safely traversed using your shield. They also come in the form of poison brambles, which are marked with a distinctive purple hue and will poison knights who walk into them.

Barbed Wire

Similar to Brambles. Found only in the Grand Arsenal.


Activated landmine is about to explode.

A hidden bomb that is activated by a Knight walking nearby. The bomb is invisible, but it's marked by distinctive tiles of a darker hue. Its fuse length is similar to that of Gremlin Demo bomb. Can only be found in the Grand Arsenal.

Elemental Grates

Elemental grates are other floor hazards found in the Clockworks. The type of floor grate depend on the theme of the level - fire grates are found in Blast Furnaces, poison grates in Wasteworks, freeze grates in Cooling Chambers, and shock grates in Power Complex levels. Each grate inflicts a status effect depending on the type of grate.

Shadow Fire

Those solid blocks of fire can be found when traveling in the Firestorm Citadel, the Grand Arsenal and make a small appearance in the tutorial mission Crossing the Chasm.

Unlike fire grates, shadow fire is a constant hazard and should be avoided at all costs. They can be removed by throwing a Water Globe on it, if available.

Spiked Wheels

These can also be found in the Firestorm Citadel. Spiked wheels have a powerful knockback capable of crushing knights and enemies alike.

Extra Energy Features

The Clockworks also are home to some added features that can be accessed by paying an additional energy fee.

Energy Gates

Energy Gates function and look similar to a locked gate, with the exception that they cost 3 Energy, rather than a key, to open. When approaching a gate, a bubble will appear next to your character denoting the Energy cost. To open the gate, press the Action button, and then to confirm the exchange press the Action button again.

Behind Energy Gates usually lie a plethora of high-yield treasure boxes. Others may lead to Danger rooms or alternate routes through a level.

Mecha Knights

Found in Deconstruction Zone or Ironclaw Munitions Factory levels, these friendly Mecha Knights require 5 energy for activation. Just like the mecha knights made by activating a Mecha Knight Kit, they will help kill enemy monsters until either they themselves die or you finish the level. However, they are unable to take the elevator and their service to knights would be terminated at the end of each level.

Mecha Turrets

Found in The Jelly Farm II levels, these friendly Mecha Turrets require 5 energy for activation. Once a Mecha Turret is activated, it will damage enemy monsters near and far with its powerful laser beam. Like Gun Puppies, Mecha Turrets have frontal sight detection and can rotate 360 degrees. Unlike gun puppies though, they have an immensely long range and are of paramount usefulness to knights if used properly.

Scenario Rooms

Found in certain levels throughout the Clockworks, these unique rooms offer stories and tips on the Clockworks themselves.

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