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Recipes are items that allow a knight to produce equipment through Fabrication. Recipes are purchased from vendeurs which can be found in Haven, the Hall of Heroes, and while adventuring on the various levels. Hover over the recipes to see details on the item it will create. After a recipe is purchased, it can be found in your Arsenal under Recipes. Once a recipe is learned, the associated item may be crafted as many times as desired. Recipes cannot be unlearned. The cost of recipes depends on the star level.

Prix des recettes

Le prix d'une recette dépend de son niveau d'étoile.

  • ★☆☆☆☆: 250 crowns
  • ★★☆☆☆: 1,000 crowns
  • ★★★☆☆: 4,000 crowns
  • ★★★★☆: 10,000 crowns
  • ★★★★★: 25,000 crowns

Comment apprendre les recettes

  • First, acquire an unlearned recipe; it will be placed in the recipe section of your arsenal. Two well-known recipe vendors are Basil (found in clockwork terminals) and Vatel (found in the Haven bazaar).
  • Second, click on the recipe you wish to learn and click on the "Learn" option presented.
  • Voila! You can now make that item through the alchemy machines located in every town area.

Note: Recipes you have already learned will not have a "Learn" option shown when clicking on it in your inventory.

L'acquisition de Recettes

The most common way to acquire recipes is to purchase them from a vendor or from the Auction House.

In the past, players could purchase the Azure Guardian line armor and helm, Leviathan Blade line sword, Aegis line shield, Valiance line gun, and Nitronome line bombs from Kozma but no longer can due to a recent patch. These recipes however, can be obtained by doing Missions where the reward may include the 2-star version of these items, or a higher level recipe. In a similar manner, players can obtain recipes by visiting the Hall of Heroes and speaking with the various denizens present. The Hall can only be accessed by completing missions.

The only recipes that are not available in the Hall of Heroes are:

  • Graviton bomb line,
  • Breaker armor lines,
  • All Boss token item upgrades,
  • King Krogmo recipes.

These can be bought from the playerbase or from Basil(Both Mission lobbies and the D4, D13 and D23 Clockwork Terminals).

Recipe List

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The following is a complete list of all available recipes. Not all items in the game can be crafted; see this category for more information on items that cannot be crafted.

Epées Icon-sword.png

One Star Two Star Three Star Four Star Five Star

Fusils Icon-handgun.png

One Star Two Star Three Star Four Star Five Star

Bombes Icon-bomb.png

One Star Two Star Three Star Four Star Five Star

Casques Icon-helmet.png

One Star Two Star Three Star Four Star Five Star

Armures Icon-armor.png

One Star Two Star Three Star Four Star Five Star

Boucliers Icon-shield.png

One Star Two Star Three Star Four Star Five Star
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