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A knight laughing in the Haven Bazaar.

Emotes are social abilities, activated by typing a slash-command into chat. They allow knights to express emotions and ideas quickly and easily. Some emotes have associated visual effects or animations.

Another method of producing an emote is by entering /emote, /em, or /me, followed by text indicating the desired action. Typing "/emote waves to her friends" would produce "(name) waves to her friends" in the chat window. These emotes do not have associated visual effects or animations.

In the chat window, /me emotes appear the same way as built-in emotes. Both methods also produce an emote "bubble" above the Knight; however, /me will display the Knight's name twice(once in large, colored letters at the top and once in default text inside the bubble itself).

By default, /me outputs its emotes into a limited-range channel that only nearby knights can see. Preceding /me with a channel command and a space, such as /g /me for emotes in Guild chat, will output the emote into that channel instead. However, this merely removes the colon following the Knight's name("Player waves." instead of "Player: waves."). This does not work for /yell /me or /think /me channels; it is treated as a simple /me command.

Most, but not all, built-in emotes can take a target parameter. /wave Player produces "(name) waves to Player.", but only if the specified target is within the same area as the knight.

The list of emotes can be accessed in-game by typing /help emotes.

Emote List

Emote Command Description When Targeted
/amaze <target>
/amazed <target>
{player} is utterly amazed! {player} is amazed by {target}
/attack Attack! (attack icon pops up above Player's head)
/beg <target> {player} begs. Pleeeease? {player} begs {target}. Pleeeease?
/belch <target> {player} belches.
/bored <target>
/boring <target>
{player} is dreadfully bored. {player} finds {target} boring.
/bow <target> {player} bows respectfully. {player} bows before {target}.
/burp <target> {player} burps.
/cheer <target>
/hooray <target>
{player} cheers! Hooray! {player} cheers for {target}! Hooray!
/clap <target>
/applaud <target>
{player} applauds. (clapping animation) {player} applauds for {target}.
/come <target>
/beckon <target>
/comehere <target>
/here <target>
/interest <target>
{player} has found something of interest!
/congratulate <target>
/grats <target>
{player} gives congratulations. {player} congratulates {target}.
/crazy<target> {player} is going crazy! {player} thinks {target} is crazy!
/cry <target>
/weep <target>
{player} cries pitifully. {target} is making {player} cry.
/dance <target> {player} has the urge to dance! {player} asks {target} to dance.
/derp <target>
/herp <target>
{player}'s eyes glaze over. Derrrrrp.
/epicfail <target> {player} is appalled at that profound display of Epic Fail. {player} frowns at {target}. EPIC FAIL.
/fail <target> {player} is appalled at that display of failure. (player} frowns at {target}. FAIL.
/fallback <target> Fall back! (fall back icon appears above Player's head)
/flex <target> {player} flexes. I love being STRONG!
/flirt <target> {player} is feeling flirty! {player} flirts with {target}. Saucy!
/follow <target>
/followme <target>
Follow {player} (follow icon appears above Player's head)
/frown <target> {player} frowns. {player} frowns at {target}.
/gaze <target> {player} gazes off into the distance
/giggle <target> {player} giggles. {player} giggles at {target}.
/goodbye <target>
/bye <target>
/farewell <target>
/good <target>
Bye! {player} bids everyone farewell. (waving animation) Bye! {player} bids {target} farewell.
/grin <target> {player} grins. {player} grins at {target}.
/happy <target> {player} is very happy! {player} is very happy with {target}.
/helpme <target>
/aid <target>
/assistance <target>
{player} needs help! (help me icon appears above Player's head)
/hello <target>
/hi <target>
/greet <target>
Hello! {player} greets everyone. Hello! {player} greets {target}.
/hug <target> {player} could use a hug! {player} gives {target} a big hug!
/hungry <target> {player} is hungry!
/impatient <target> {player} taps their foot impatiently. {player} impatiently waits for {target}. Hurry up!
/joy <target>
/overjoyed <target>
/yay <target>
{player} is full of joy! {player} is overjoyed with {target}!
/kidding <target>
/jk <target>
{player} was just kidding! {player} was just kidding with {target}!
/kiss <target>
/blowkiss <target>
{player} blows a kiss. Mwah! {player} blows a kiss at {target}. Mwah!
/laughs <target>
/lol <target>
/haha <target>
{player} laughs. (laugh animation) {player} laughs at {target}.
/lonely <target> {player} is so very lonely.
/look <target> {player} looks around. {player} looks at {target}.
/love <target> {player} is full of love. {player} loves {target}.
/no <target>
/disagree <target>
No! {player} disagrees. No! {player} disagrees with {target}!
/point <target>
/direct <target>
{player} points over yonder. (pointing animation) {player} points at {target}.
/poke <target> {player} is feeling pokey. (pointing animation) {player} pokes {target}. Poke.
/ready <target>
/rdy <target>
{player} is ready!
/rude <target> {player} makes a rude gesture. (pointing animation) {player} makes a rude gesture at {target}.
/sad <target>
/depressed <target>
{player} is sad. {player} looks at {target} with deep sadness.
/salute <target> {player} salutes. (saluting animation) {player} salutes {target}.
/shrug <target> {player} shrugs. {player} shrugs at {target}.
/sigh <target> {player} lets out a deep sigh. {player} sighs deeply. Real nice, {target}.
/sleep <target>
/doze <target>
{player} dozes off...
/sleepy <target>
/drowsy <target>
{player} is sleepy. {player} looks at {target} sleepily.
/smell <target>
/stink <target>
{player} smells a bit ripe. Yowza! {player} gets a big whiff of {target}. Whew!
/smile <target>
/beam <target>
{player} smiles {player} smiles warmly at {target}.
/sniff <target> {player} sniffs the air. {player} sniffs {target}. What an interesting scent.
/sorry <target>
/apologize <target>
{player} apologizes. Sorry! {player} apologizes to {target}. Sorry!
/stare <target> {player} stares into the distance. {player} stares blankly at {target}.
/thank <target>
/thanks <target>
/ty <target>
/thx <target>
{player} gives thanks. {player} thanks {target}.
/thirsty <target> {player} is thirsty.
/tickle <target>
{player} wants someone to tickle. {player} tickles {target}. Hee hee!
/shrug <target> {player} shrugs. {player} shrugs at {target}.
/tired <target> {player} is tired. {player} is tired of {target}
/wait <target> Wait! {player} isn't ready.
/wave <target> {player} waves. (waving animation) {player} waves to {target}.
/whine <target> {player} whines pathetically. {player} whines at {target} pathetically.
/wince <target> {player} winces. {player} winces at {target}. Yeesh!
/wink <target>
{player} winks slyly. {player} winks at {target}.
/yawn<target> {player} yawns.
/yes <target>
/agree <target>
/nod <target>
Yes! {player} agrees. Yes! {player} agrees with {target}.

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