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Gate icon for Haven.

Haven is a large public area. It is the primary location of many important NPCs, structures, and machines.


A peaceful town that is home to the Strangers. These salvagers offer the Spiral Knights sanctuary in return for the treasures that they acquire while investigating the Clockworks. Haven is also heavily populated with snipes, bulbous little birds with a curious means of locomotion.


Haven is divided into interconnected districts:

Town Square

Map of the Town Square The Town Square is the central district. It features many important NPCs, machines, and the Auction House. It connects to the other three districts.


Map of the Arcade The Arcade is the north district. It features several entrances to the Clockworks called "gates." It connects to the other three districts.


Map of the Bazaar The Bazaar is the west district. It features many NPCs willing to trade items and skills for various "shinies" knights obtain from ventures in the Clockworks. It connects to the Arcade and the Town Square.


Map of the Garrison The Garrison is the east district. It features important structures used by knights and the Spiral Order. It connects to the Arcade and the Town Square. The Laboratory, Guild Hall, and the Hall of Heroes are also accessed through the Garrison.


Click the Map-icon-UI-InstanceSelect.png button in the minimap to see a menu of other instances and travel there.

Players usually load into the Town Square when entering Haven. A specific district will be loaded into if the player's knight was previously in that district, leaves to some other area of Cradle, and returns to Haven.

There can be more than one instance of Haven depending on the number of players logged in. You can move to other instances via the Map-icon-UI-InstanceSelect.png button of the minimap. This is useful to be in the same location as your friends, or to find a quiet place. All instances of Haven are identical and share the same gates in the Arcade.

Population Meters:
One green dot out of 3 means there aren't many people there (perhaps nobody!)
Two yellow dots out of 3 means the instance is decently populated.
Three red dots out of 3 means that instance is approaching or at maximum capacity.

Players can craft and preview items anywhere in Haven by viewing their recipe list.

Snipes wander, fly, or laze about this area of Cradle. A snipe symbol can be seen at the southern entrance to the Town Square.


Haven is the home of Strangers on Cradle. After the Skylark crashed on the planet's surface the Spiral Knights gained the trust of the Strangers and found sanctuary in their town. Other NPCs live in other subtowns.

The Spiral Knights and Strangers both have a vested interest in the Clockworks and stage trips there from the town's Arcade. The knights seek the possibility of repairing their ship, and the Strangers have interest in the treasures that the knights bring back from their adventures.

Haven encompasses more territory (perhaps much more) than the four districts frequented by players. This potential is somewhat indicated by the fading edges of available maps as well as the mission Breaking in the Recruits. The first floor of this mission seems to be an area of Haven that is in Depth 24, despite the mission briefing mentioning the "surface of Cradle." Arguably, this area is not "Haven," and is simply an area that has architecture similar to structures seen in Haven and on the surface. The southern outskirts of haven are glimpsed as the player leaves the Rescue Camp. This area is guarded against the perils of Cradle by several NPCs.


Some changes to Haven are transient and repeated, while others seem to stay. The environment and denizens of Haven will temporarily change for certain events. For details about district history, see individual district pages. The file history of images in the galleries (viewed by clicking on the images) is also a good source of information.

release 2012-09-05: Snipes now settle down and scatter about Haven like flocks of pigeons.


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