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Hearts are items that restore health.

When a knight with less than full health walks over a heart, that heart will be consumed immediately, restoring 1-3 bars of health. A knight with full health will be unable to use this item. Hearts cannot be stored and will disappear after being left on the ground for 120 seconds.

Hearts can drop from enemies, or certain destructible objects such as bushes. When hearts drop, they drop for every knight in the party. Each player sees and can pick up only their own copy of a heart; it isn't possible to take health intended for another knight.

Restoring health

Consuming a heart restores a discreet number of health bars, which increases relative to what size heart is consumed.

Health displays as a portion out of the whole health bar, and it is possible to see bars less than full but more than half.

Small Consumable Heart Small icon.png Refills up to 1 bar of health
Medium Consumable Heart Medium icon.png Refills up to 2 bar of health
Large Consumable Heart Large icon.png Refills up to 3 bar of health

Respawning heart pad
Exploration-Heart Generator.png Refills 3 bars of health continually.

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