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When creating a user page proper naming convention must be observed on this wiki. If you have the user "Example" the user page for it will be "User:Example". Failure to follow this naming convention will result in your page being moved and/or deleted without warning.

Creating the Page

The easiest way to create a new user page is to follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you're logged into the wiki. Your account name will show up at the top of the page if you are logged in.
  2. At the top of the page click on your user name, it links to where your user page goes.
  3. You should get a page saying there's no text in the page, click the "edit this page."
  4. This will get you to an editing screen where you will create your user page. There is a preview button that will help you see what you're doing and you can always ask specific questions here as many other editors would be happy to help you out. When you feel like you've done enough for now, hit the "Save" button. If the wiki complains about a loss of session data when you hit the "Save" button, just click on the "Save" button a second time and that should work.

Appearance and Template

There is no set standard or template in use for user pages, they are a space to do what is desired. However, there are a few ground rules to observe:

  • Do not post ways to "cheat the system" in Spiral Knights.
  • Do not use the page as a space to slander other players.
  • Do not post examples of how to modify the game, this includes texture mods.
  • Do not use profane or crude language.

Commonly Seen Sections

The user page is about you. Many people use it as a space to record the triumphs of their knights. Some popular segments are:

  • Backstory - Who is your knight? Where can they be found in the Clockworks?
  • Achievements - Not just limited to the in game system, but what are some interesting things you have done in Spiral Knights?
  • Arsenal - What is your preferred method of disassembling those pesky monsters? Use of the Showhide Template is expected for long lists.
  • Pictures- The default screenshot key is F12. Many players like to put up an image of how their knight appears in game.
  • Spoken Languages - Knowing what languages will help of other players in being able to communicate properly to you. There is and extensive Language Template page to help with this.

Other Ideas

You can also look at other user pages and click on the "edit" tab to see what kind of code they use to get what you see on the page (just don't change things & hit save, you can just hit back or close the window after looking for what you need without changing a page by unintentionally).

Need Help?

There's a Wiki Editors forum where you can ask for help in the Won't you please, please help me? thread.

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