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* Alexis-Fox
* Alexis-Fox
* Dedubark
* Dedubark
* Iamnoone
* Jetpen
| pop = 70
| pop = 70
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Guild Founder: Planet-Devastation & The-Restless
Approx. Population: 70
Guild Master(s):
  • Planet-Devastation
Guild Officer(s):
  • Alexis-Fox
  • Dedubark

Since the foundation of the guild on 2012, Ominous has strived to serve the Spiral Order well. Although it had undergone inactivity for last few years, Ominous has returned from its long hibernation and is now serving the Order again!

How to Join

Anyone is welcomed as we do not have any specific recruiting criteria at the moment. Just let any of the following people know your intent of joining the guild:

  • Planet-Devastation
  • Alexis-Fox


We now use Trello to manage the guild activity. Knights are recommended to join the Ominous team at https://bit.ly/OminousSK-Trello, but this is not a mandatory. Let Alexis-Fox know your Trello ID via in-game mail or whisper after you join so we can add you to the Guild Commons board.



General Guild Rules

  1. The Knight's Code of Conduct (Terms of Service) MUST be followed at any given time.
  2. You represent the Ominous. Please be polite to others and act with grace.
  3. Ominous guild members will be friendly, kind, and helpful whenever possible, to the fellow guildmates and to the Spiral Knights community.
  4. Begging of any kind is NOT tolerated.
  5. You should actively play the Spiral Knights. Being away for more than 6 months is interpreted as your intent of resignation and you will be let go. Your service so far is appreciated.
  6. Officers and Guild Masters interpret and enforce the rules. They have the right to change rules when necessary and to temporarily create rules if a particular situation requires it. However, you have your chance to argue if you think some specific rules are unjust.
  7. Have fun.

Promotion Rule

If you have any question or concern, contact anyone in the guild administration.

Criteria: Recruit → Member
  • The knight has spent at least one(1) week since their join date.
Criteria: Member → Veteran
  • The knight has the rank of Defender Elite or higher,
  • The knight has spent at least three(3) weeks since their last promotion.
  • If a knight has made their secondary characters (ALTs) to also join Ominous, only the main knight can be promoted. ALTs will remain as Recruits. This is because Members and higher get right to place their votes on guild matters. The knight reserves the right to choose which character to be their main character.
    • The only exceptions to this is officer and highers, as their ALTs are often used in conjunction with their main characters on doing the guild's business.

Officer Appointment Rule

If you have any question or concern, contact anyone in the guild administration.

Normal Appointment Process

The knight of interest can be appointed as an officer if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The knight...
    • Has the rank of Defender or upper,
    • Has spent at least one(1) month since their join date,
    • has their Trello account associated with Ominous. (This is non-negotiable.)
Expedited/Simplified Process

The expedited/simplified process can be requested if either of the following applies:

  • The guild is in dire state of emergency,
  • The number of currently active officers is less than three(3).

Upon the request, one of the following situation-action pairs is possible:

  1. If the knight has spent less than one(1) month in the guild but has the rank of Defender or upper and has their Trello account associated with Ominous, then:
    • More than 51% of the existing officers MUST agree on making the knight an officer.
  2. If the knight has the rank lower than Defender but has spent at least one(1) month in the guild and has their Trello account associated with Ominous, then:
    • The existing officers MUST unanimously agree on making the knight an officer,
    • The knight MUST have an interview with one of officers or guild masters.
  3. If the knight neither has Trello account nor have their Trello account associated with Ominous, then:
    • The process is stopped until the knight creates a new Trello account or associate their Trello account with Ominous.

Donating to Guild Treasury (Optional)


Donating is always optional and purely up to you; the guild appreciates your contribution.

Why Donate?

Many guilds demand their members to pay taxes, but we do not like that. So at Ominous, we do NOT demand anything from you for being a member.

However, that does not mean the Guild Treasury needs no attention. Although we can afford the 'upkeeps' the Spiral HQ collects from us every week, some more coins help the guild a lot!

So we politely ask for your donations to the guild. Rest assured, nobody can withdraw funds from the Guild Treasury except the Guild Interior Department and the Spiral HQ so you can trust that your donation will be used with good faith! Furthermore, you can always review where the funds were used on, so it is transparent!

A bit of warning though: donating to the Guild Treasury CANNOT guarantee any kind of compensation back to you.

How to Make Donation to Guild Treasury

Click on the following links for each image:

  1. Visit the Guild Hall
  2. Interact with the Guild Console
  3. Select Show Guild Treasury
  4. Finally, enter the amount and click on Confirm (Note that the donation amount is purely up to you; 500 Crowns shown in the image below is just an example.)

The guild appreciates your contribution!

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