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Based on page history and format, this page was used as an organizational medium to aid player understanding of the concept of a "danger mission." This was years ago. The wiki has recently had an entire mission page system created for this purpose that ties into arcade/area exploration as well. I have redirected this page to what should be the most explanatory article section. All the information that was on this page - including news visuals - is included in some way either at the redirect destination, list of prestige missions, individual mission pages, and/or geography subpages (these subpages are what allow us to link mission and arcade levels together seamlessly).

This page was similar in function to the deleted "Costumes (Groups)" page and others in that it was an organizational format tangential to a current navigational page system that has been published.

Thus editor workload has been reduced as has potential navigation confusion.--Novaster 16:16, 6 January 2016 (UTC)

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