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I have retired from editing permanently.

I simply do not have the time - my contributions of late have been carved from days that realistically have no moments left to give. Put simply, editing is no longer fun for me, because I cannot give the work the love it needs to flourish anymore. It is a cause of stress, of hollow duty. It has been years, and it is time to step back from this hobby. Many say this decision is long overdue - but I lingered for as long as my spirit would allow. How did I know when to retire? When edits consistently granted me no joy. They were definitely the last grains to fall, ever so slowly, in an hourglass I once thought was infinite.

I prefer to see editing done by those who have the passion and the time. This was a difficult decision to make, but one I feel is best for the future - both mine and of any editors who will evolve with Spiral Knights and its wiki. Just as I did, they will abide by consistencies they agree upon while coasting on the winds of change.

Enjoy playing this wonderful game,
--Novaster 01:40, 12 March 2016 (UTC)

Spiral Knight ID
Novaster's typical appearance.
  Name: Novaster
Date of Crash: 06 April 2012
Rank: Prestige Badge-45k-Ultramarine.png Vanguard
Guild: <Of Draco Dusk>
Profession: Bomber, Guild Master, Explorer, Wiki Editor
Motto: You can find that information on the Wiki.
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