Metal Sonic Suit

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Metal Sonic Suit

Costume Only

  • Appears in "Costume" section of the arsenal
Accessory Positions
  • Armor Front
  • Armor Back
  • Armor Rear
  • Armor Aura



A meticulously engineered suit of armor that is said to be equipped with a an ultra-powerful V. Max Overdrive Unit.


  • Boost (January 19th, 2012 - January 31st, 2012)
  • The Metal Sonic Suit was obtainable by purchasing Sonic CD on Steam during the promotional time-period. Purchasing the game now no longer grants you the Metal Sonic Suit.
  • It could also be obtained by purchasing a $19.95 USD Crystal Energy package from January 19th, 2012 - January 31st, 2012.

Armor Set

The ad in the Spiral Knights uplink for the Metal Sonic set.

The Metal Sonic Suit is part of the Metal Sonic Set. The other items in this set are:

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