Metal Sonic Suit

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Metal Sonic Suit
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The Metal Sonic Suit is a costume.



A meticulously engineered suit of armor that is said to be equipped with a an ultra-powerful V. Max Overdrive Unit.


Occasionally shows up in the Featured Auction House.

Also, if the user's account is connected to steam and the user buys Sonic CD from Steam, the user will get both pieces of the Metal Sonic set by ingame mail.


This item was introduced in commemoration of the Sonic CD re-release in January 2012.Admin Post

This item's name alludes to the Metal Sonic character from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. This item's description alludes to the Eggman antagonist of those games.

This item is in the SEGA Family with other similar items.


This gallery contains several different examples of the same type of item.

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