Energy Well

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Energy Well
File:Furniture-Energy Well.png
Cost: 37,125
Availability: 2F: Any Wing Purchased

An Energy Well is a furniture item that can be placed in Guild Halls.



USE: An energy bank for use by guild members.

After energy is added to the energy well, guild members may withdraw 100 units of energy daily.

Obtained From

  • Purchased from the Birdsong Emporium for 37,125 crowns.
  • Available once a Guild Hall is expanded to the second floor.


Energy (minimum 500) is deposited into the Energy Well. Guild members can then withdraw 100 energy per day per person.

  • All Energy Wells share the same well pool; owning multiple wells are functionally useless.

Historical Notes

  • Formerly called a Mist Well, this furniture became an Energy Well with the removal of mist energy in release 2013-07-30.
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