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Quillion, Blade Merchant


A Stranger vendor in the Bazaar district of Haven. This vendor offers a list of sword items.

His inventory consists of 0-star items for 150 crowns, 1-star items for 3,000 crowns, and 2-star items for 7,500 crowns, and 3-star items for 35,000 crowns. 0- and 1-star items are unlimited in number and never change.

Quillion only stocks one of each 2- and 3-star item on his list; these items are chosen randomly and reset each day at midnight Pacific time.


Item Crowns
Beast Basher 150
Hatchet 150
Proto Sword 150
Robo Wrecker 150
Slime Slasher 150
Big Beast Basher 3,000
Bolted Blade 3,000
Heavy Hatchet 3,000
Hot Edge 3,000
Rugged Robo Wrecker 3,000
Static Edge 3,000
Super Slime Slasher 3,000
Thwack Hammer 3,000
Brandish 7,500
Cutter 7,500
Flourish 7,500
Searing Edge 7,500
Shocking Edge 7,500
Spur 7,500
Troika 7,500
Wrench Wand 7,500
Arc Razor 35,000
Cautery Sword 35,000
Kamarin 35,000
Nightblade 35,000
Swift Flourish 35,000

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