Ascended Knights (Guild)

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Ascended Knights
GuildLogo-Ascended Knights.jpg

"All who oppose us know fear"

Guild Founder: Djoshman
Approx. Population: around 70
Guild Master(s):
  • Djoshman
  • Chasd
  • Your-Leader
Guild Officer(s):
  • Ashapiro
  • Neoretro
  • Soapninja
  • Theturtlewarrior

Our Motto

We are Ascended. Let all who oppose us know fear.

Guild Summary

Ascended Knights is awesome. We're a fun all-around guild that can help you with stuff.

Our guild is also currently in an alliance with Cydonian Knights (Guild)

Guild Membership

Everyone will start out as a recruit. New recruits must wait at least two weeks AND be registered on the guild website before being considered for promotion to member. Part of this consideration will include guild contributions and participation. Promotion to veteran will be given to those who have shown a commitment to helping the guild.

Our Guild Rules

To maintain your membership with the guild, you MUST follow these rules.

1. No selling in guild chat or begging anywhere.

2. Please don't start or get involved in fights. Let's keep the peace.

3. At least be on once a week. Come on. Inactives will be removed after 1 or 2 months.

4. No alts in the guild. (These are alternate characters, for those who are new)

5. Follow the storage use procedures (next section) if you use the storage

And that's it. Not too difficult to do. Most discipline is at Officer/GM discretion. We're nice though.

Storage Use

Everyone that's ranked member and up has access to storage. The storage is divided by star level. Member level has access to 0*-2* materials. Veteran level has access to 3*-4* materials and recipes. Officers have access to 5* materials and recipes. These resources are there to help you improve your gear. They are not to be used for personal profit. Anyone taking resources for personal profit will be removed from the guild and reported for theft. When using storage:

1. Add an equal or greater star level material in the same amount that you removed from storage (eg. you take 5 gel drops and add 5 ecto drops)

2. Add an equal star level and useful recipe to replace the one you removed or contribute crowns equal to the recipe's price to the guild treasury (3* is 4,000cr, 4* is 10,000cr, 5* is 25,000cr)

3. Battle sprite foods must be replace with a food of equal star level (eg. you take a power orb, replace it with a divine orb or shadow orb)

Member Level Benefit Summary

Guild Benefits
Rank Recipes Storage
Recruit No access No access
Member GM/Officer permission required Member storage (0*-2* materials)
Veteran Access to 3*-4*. GM/officer permission for 5* Member (0*-2* materials) and veteran storage (3*-4* materials)
GM/Officer Access to veteran (3*-4* recipes) and officer (5* recipes) Member (0*-2* materials), veteran (3*-4* materials), and officer storage (5* materials)
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