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GuildHall-Room-Auction Room icon.png Auction Room
GuildHall-Room-Auction Room-Overworld.png

98,000 Crowns


Either 2F Wing
Once unlocked, this room can be installed anywhere there is an Empty Room.

Special Features

The Auction Room is a room that can be placed in a Guild Hall.


A businesslike room providing access to Haven Auction House.


Non-guildies can use the Auction House in this room.

The Auction House in this room is the game's Auction House. It is not a private Auction House.

This room comes with several of its own decorations. It is similar to the Auction House in the Haven Town Square.

This room has audible noises - occasionally, the snipes will make snipe noises. When someone accesses the Auction House, the Strangers within will make a noise.

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