Averbis Adverbera (Guild)

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Averbis Adverbera
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Guild Founder: Duelle



Approx. Population: 10
Guild Master(s):




Guild Officer(s):



Description and Mission

Averbis Adverbera (adapted from Latin, "From Words to Blows") was formed in the summer of 2011 by the triumvirate of players Duelle, Cleveralice, and Mrminibeets as a coalition of friends seeking fun and adventure in Spiral Knights. As the name implies, the guild is founded on two aspects foundational to Spiral Knights game-play: social interaction and combat.

Our mission is… to be awesome.


  • Above all, players should be respectful, honest, and polite to others in both the guild and Spiral Knights generally; they should, therefore, always adhere to the game's Community Standards. This means that slurs, inappropriateness, and/or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Members, Veterans, and Officers should always strive to set an example for others.
  • Players should be active and always pursuing greater experience in the game. Although there are no formal guidelines requiring access to advance parts of the game (e.g. Tiers 2-3), to progress in rank players need to actively pursue personal improvement in Spiral Knights, including (though not limited to) a growing knowledge of the game, equipment upgrades, and access to Tiers 2-3.
  • Teamwork: Do it.
  • Shields: Use them.
  • To join the guild, players should be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Do not beg or spam; both are viewed as immature behavior, and neither is tolerated. While guild members should strive to help each other (and not always materially), handouts should not be expected, and loans should be repaid in a timely manner.
  • Officers should remain in constant consultation with the Guild Master in order to report players' questions, concerns, suggestions, or malicious/questionable activities, and to help generally manage the guild.
  • The Guild Master reserves the right to usurp these Guidelines, to revise them, and to promote, demote, add to, or remove from the Guild any player for any reason.
  • Any changes to the Guild Guidelines shall be made known as soon as possible, and shall be publicly posted accordingly.
  • Any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions should be addressed to the Officers or Guild Master; all of these will be considered seriously in order to continually improve the guild.

Ranking System

  • Recruit: A player who meets the basic Guild Guidelines and is actively working toward pending Member rank.
  • Member: An experienced player, who abides by the Guild Guidelines, has performed advanced (Tier 2) runs with an Officer, has at least 25 hours of in-game play time, has devoted notable time and energy in service to the guild, and is actively working toward Veteran status.
  • Veteran: A reliable, experienced guild member, who both consistently abides by and strives to uphold the Guild Guidelines, has at least 50 hours of in-game play time, and has devoted a substantial amount of personal time and energy in service to the guild.
  • Officer: A long-term guild member, who unfailingly abides by and maintains the Guild Guidelines, has devoted a substantial amount of personal time and energy in service to the guild, is willing to help other guild members to the best of abilities, and shows clear leadership skills. Officers should portray the utmost responsibility and trustworthiness in this position, and should be exemplary role models for guild members and other players in Spiral Knights. The Guild Master, in consultation with already existing Officers, will promote members to the rank of Officer as positions become available and as deemed appropriate.
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