Book of Dark Rituals

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Book of Dark Rituals
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The Book of Dark Rituals is a 5-star material.


An ancient grimoire filled with unspeakable eldritch rites. Just like any cursed tome, there is likely some twisted individual out there who wants it for extremely nefarious purposes. Trade with caution.



This material was introduced with release 2013-01-30 during the first Kataclysmic Confrontation.

It is more like a key than a material, but it is stored in the material section of the player's arsenal.

It is suggested that a book be used with four people in the party to maximize this rare object's use.


This material is used to summon Margrel. Bring a book to the Konjuring Kat in Moorcroft Manor. This can be done any time, not just during the Kataclysmic Confrontation. Each book can only be used once.

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