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This page is a special category page. Please do not try to edit it to add entries. The correct way to add things to the page is to use a category tag. Please see the style guide for the appropriate category tags and how to use them. Some templates automatically add categories for you.

Please see the Abilities, Health, and Vitapod pages for more information. This category only includes gear items that provide more Health Pips than other items of the same star level. Most items grant a standard amount of additional health depending on heat and star level. These bonuses are influenced by depth.

Numbers help navigate the pages in this category. The large section numbers in the "pages" section of this category page correspond to the amount of bonus HP granted by an item, assuming that item is heat level 10 and uninfluenced by depth. Trinkets will of course use heat level 1, as these items do not level with heat.

This category includes items that provide more Health than other items of the same star level.

The following Battle Sprite Perks provide additional Health:

  • Healthy Boost.png Healthy Boost

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