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Cloud Nine
GuildLogo-Cloud Nine.png

"a caelo usque ad centrum"

("from heaven all the way to the center of the earth")

Guild Founder: Ashiram
Approx. Population: 60-120
Guild Master(s):
  • Flawedknight "Gm"
  • Ashiram(Retired)
Guild Officer(s):
  • Lord-Davan "Recruiter"
  • Deadawm
  • Kazray
  • Luckylee
  • Lapper(Retired)

Cloud Nine


  • <Cloud Nine> Is in a Update, and Upgrade phase. We will be Working on the details, and you'll notice them throughout the new few weeks
  • New Officer, and Recruiter: Lord-Davan
  • Lord-Davan Updates the WAY Outta date Wiki for <Cloud Nine>
  • Flaw, and Davan work on Gh
  • Flaw donates 1,300,000 crowns to Guild Hall for Updates, "Niceeee"
  • New Officer Luckylee
  • New Veteran Starsknight
  • New Veteran Mitrail

Recent Promotions!

    • Congratulations to the following:

Now: About us

<Cloud Nine> is a Premier, In Work Guild of Spiral Knights, founded on November 14, 2011 - our mission is to help all members achieve their goals, make ourselves better, and assist other guilds while still being Prominent in Lockdown, and Blast network.

We expect you all to be there for events and meetings, and help all members you can!

On behalf of all the members we have worldwide thank you for visiting us!

Cloud Nine means "bliss or a state of extreme happiness."


Guild Message

  • Guild Events, and Meeting will be scheduled again, thank you for being Patient!
  • Doing More Updates on what needs to Happen, Working on Details in the future

- Flawedknight, GM of <Cloud Nine> and Lord-Davan, Recruiter of <Cloud Nine>


Spiral Knight players who would like to learn more about our guild history, please read the History section of our site.


All news/event information as well as the majority of information previously listed below from this day forward will be now be relocated to our website:

See you there!

- Flawedknight, Guild Master of <Cloud Nine>

Old News


Spiral Knight players interested in the fun events we do every week, please read the Events section of our site.


Spiral Knight players who wish to join our guild, please read the Recruitment section of our site.

Rank System

Spiral Knight players who would like to learn more about our guild structure, please read the Rank System section of our site.


Spiral Knight players who want to view our guild rules of honor, please read the Rules section of our site.

Edited by Lord-Davan

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