Shadow Lair

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Shadow Lair
Gate Icon-Swarm2.png
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Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Rabid Snarbolax

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Ice Queen

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Red Roarmulus Twins

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Darkfire Vanaduke

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Unknown Passage

Gate-The Sanctuary.png The Sanctuary

A Shadow Lair is a special area of the Clockworks, that contains an alternate version of an ordinary Clockworks boss stratum. There are four Shadow Lairs:

Each Shadow Lair is significantly more difficult than its ordinary Clockworks counterpart, and requires a high cost of entry. It is recommended that only Tier-3 knights with gear specifically chosen for a Shadow Lair attempt that Shadow Lair. The Shadow Lairs were discovered (that is, added to the game) in the 2011 October 19 release.


Key-Shadow Key icon.png

To access a Shadow Lair, the party needs one, and only one, Shadow Key. Shadow Keys can be found in Iron Lockboxes, purchased from Kozma, or purchased from other players, for example through the Auction House. It is common for one party member to purchase the Shadow Key, and the other party members to pay their share of the cost in energy or crowns just before entering the Shadow Lair.

A party with a Shadow Key can enter its desired Shadow Lair at depth 23 of any gate. That is, the party members assemble in a single depth-23 Clockworks Terminal, proceed to the north end of the terminal, and unlock the appropriate elevator with their Shadow Key.

Originally there were restrictions on the order in which Shadow Lairs were attempted. For example, a party could not enter the Shadow Royal Jelly Palace unless at least one party member had completed Shadow Gloaming Wildwoods. However, that restriction was removed in release 2013-10-16.

As soon as a Shadow Key is used to unlock an elevator on depth 23, the key is destroyed. Any future visit to this or another Shadow Lair requires another Shadow Key. As soon as the party steps on the elevator, no new members may join the party.

Four Shadow Lairs

Left Gloaming Wildwoods

Like the ordinary Gloaming Wildwoods, the Shadow Gloaming Wildwoods is filled with beasts. However, the Shadow version is also packed with undead (zombies, kats and howlitzers), and all of the monsters have a poison theme. Armor that protects against normal, piercing, shadow, and poison is recommended. Piercing, elemental, and crowd-control weapons are recommended.




Terrilous Trail
Roarsterous Ruins
Lair of the Snarbolax

Left Royal Jelly Palace

The Shadow Royal Jelly Palace is similar to the ordinary Royal Jelly Palace in its monsters — many slimes, some constructs, and scattered silkwings — except that the turrets are primarily polyps rather than gun puppies. Many of the monsters have a freeze theme. Armor that protects against normal, piercing, and freeze is recommended. Shadow and elemental weapons are recommended.



Left Ironclaw Munitions Factory

Like the ordinary Ironclaw Munitions Factory, the Shadow Ironclaw Munitions Factory is filled with constructs, gremlins and slimes. However, the Shadow version contains both fire and shock themed monsters. Armor that protects against normal, elemental, fire, and shock is recommended. Shadow and elemental weapons are recommended.



Left Firestorm Citadel

The Shadow Firestorm Citadel is similar to the ordinary Firestorm Citadel in its monsters — undead, trojans, and turrets — except that the turrets are primarily howlitzers rather than gun puppies. Many of the monsters have a curse theme; others have a fire theme, as in the ordinary Firestorm Citadel. Armor that protects against normal, shadow, fire, and curse is recommended. Elemental and piercing weapons are recommended.

The Shadow Lair Propaganda with the Swarm Core and three Carnavons.




A Shadow Lair expedition does not end with the defeat of the Shadow Lair boss. The party must fight its way through the Unknown Passage — a single, Swarm-infested level, where the only goal is to survive. The Unknown Passage is identical for all four Shadow Lairs, and has nothing to do with any of their particular themes. The party emerges into a safe haven known as the Sanctuary, where it finally receives its rewards, before returning to Haven.

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