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Communication is key. Knowing is half the battle. It is better to be patient and wise than it is to be reckless and strong.

Cobalt Squires
File:GuildLogo-Cobalt Squires.png


Guild Founder: Hexzyle
Approx. Population: 5
Guild Master(s):
  • Aventheim
  • Hexzyle
Guild Officer(s):
  • Spectreus
  • Birgus
  • Ienaga


We are a relatively small guild, but that doesn't mean we are exclusive. Our members are friendly, and are encouraged to use the guild chat.

The name "Cobalt Squires" comes from the fact that cobalt is standard armour, which is easy to achieve - All are welcome to the guild. Despite common misconception, we are not a cobalt themed guild. A Squire is a trainee knight; this guild was originally created for the purpose of training new knights, however the guild has now moved to a more general purpose.


Although this is not a new guild, the history of it is fairly dull, hence the short section.

The guild was founded in November 2012 initially for the casual purpose of teaching new players the ropes. Because of the choice of recruitment, for a long period of time there was only one guildmaster and no officers or veterans.

Aventheim joined the guild a few months later, and quickly sparked life into the semi-inactive guild with his loyal friends.

Hexzyle, the guildfounder, left the guild in Aventheims hands for a few weeks in order to experience another guild. After a bad experience, he returned to find the guild in better condition than ever, and decided to leave Aventheim at that rank.



Nearly anyone can join, provided they show positive attitude. However, please note that being inactive for more than a month may end up in you being removed from the guild. This is to free up space for new members, and to prevent the guild stagnating from too many inactive players.

If you are removed from the guild due to inactivity, you are more than welcome to rejoin, provided we have the space.


Recruitment to Member is a fairly fast promotion. A recruitment will be promoted to member upon reaching tier 2. Please note that a recruit may be promoted earlier if they show to be particularly fast learning, knowledgable, or wise.


A player will be promoted to veteran once they have mastered the basics. A veteran excels in combat, or excels in knowledge.

A veteran must understand:

  • The fundamentals of damage types and each monster's weakness.
  • The effectiveness of a shield and how to utilise it correctly.
  • Communication with their party members and the ability to follow instructions or work as a team.

A full list of the requirements can be found here.


An officer is seen as a veteran who displays leadership skills learns quickly or displays excellent cooperation skills. An officer may be specialised in combat, teamwork, tactics, economics or leadership.

Given responsibility of the guild, an Officer needs to be fair, and not let personal feelings dictate his/her actions. A full list of the requirements can be found here.

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Spiral-Spy image of the top ranking guild members

From left to right: Spectreus, Zeroxyl, Hexzyle, Aventheim, Candylady (back), Ienaga

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